We live in a holographic Universe where everything reveals itself in patterns. Our life relationships may exhibit negative patterns. These are usually the biggest stresses in our lives, and the hardest to overcome. They keep repeating themselves, until they cause too much pain and we feel that we have had more than enough.

These continual stresses impact our health. There are cases of clients who do everything to be healthy yet with their emotional stress in their bodies they barely function. Then there are clients who may not pay attention to being healthy but they have decided to live a carefree life and enjoy great health.

Kinesiology, as a bio-feedback system can identify your prime negative life patterns and the emotions that run them. For example, I had a client who came to see me in a lot of pain, suffered from fibromyalgia, and felt devistatingly stressed. Using kinesiology, I found two life lessons of ‘guilt’ and ‘judgment’ and the emotion that fueled her life lessons was “feeling guilty”. She then explained how her whole life had been run on guilt. She had given one of her children up for adoption, one of her other children she needed to report to the police, and her other child critised her continually.

After awakening her to her negative life patterns of releasing guilt and judgment, some energy alignment, healthy diet and cleansing, she felt reborn. Using her identified affirmations, “I chose to be perfect just the way I am”, and “I choose to be love”, she now feels happy and free from a life of pain and emotional turmoil.
Steps to Identify Your Negative Life Patterns:

First, identify three of your most stressful situations or experiences that have negatively influenced your life that come to your mind.

Now scan the list below and choose one word for each situation that has a consistent negative pattern or life lesson that you feel best describes the situations you have written. This list has been comprised from the most common themes that people most experience.

For example, in those situations you identified, do you feel that some one tries to control you, do you feel guilty, do you feel judged, do you feel vulnerable, do feel difficulty in the relating to the person, do you feel powerless or grief, do you feel that you are dwelling consistently on the situation or person?
* Grief : You have experienced a lot of grief and this feeling is constantly weighing you down with a heavy heart

*Guilt : You feel guilty of what has happened in your life and you constantly remind yourself that you are guilty. You agree to do things only because you feel guilty.

*Hopeless: You have been in very grim circumstances where it has been hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You feel like you have been a black hole of despair with no way out.

*Hurt: Your life has experienced deep hurt from other people who have betrayed you. This feels ingrained on your heart and manifest in a feeling of heaviness and emotional pain.

*Judgment: Your self- talk is negative. You judge yourself harshly and others. You place conditions on yourself to be worthy. You also feel judged by others.

*Letting go: You dwell and hang on to negative experiences. You think about them so often, it affects your life.

*Life Purpose : You struggle and search for years to know what your life purpose is without ever finding it.

*Overwhelm: Your life experiences feels so overwhelming that you feel like giving up on life.

*Chaos: Your life is in chaos and peace is so hard to find.

*Obstacles get in the way for you to find the peace your soul needs.

*Potential : Life is difficult for you to reach your full potential. Obstacles get in the way. It seems to be a continuous struggle for you to live your passions.

*Power: You give your power away and others upset you easily. You make decisions based on what others think. You feel you have no control of your life.

*Relationships: You struggle in relationships and your relationship skills need to be improved for you to relate others.

*Sacrifice: You put yourself second in everything. Your self-worth comes from serving others. You feel worn out due to the daily grind of giving and never receiving.

*Trapped: You feel stuck in your life. You feel that others have trapped you into a situation you do not want.

*Distrust: You struggle to trust others as you have felt so betrayed that trusting is very hard to do.

*Vulnerability: You have been hurt in the past and you fear being hurt again. You put up emotional barriers that disconnect you from people.

*Victim: Unfair things get done to you or you are victim of other people or situations. You feel you have no choice or power in what happens to you or your life.

*Worthless: You feel that you have never been validated as a person.

After you find the negative life patterns for your most stressful situations you will begin to see the most common ones that you have. You are now ready to release them buy directing your energies to feeling more empowered when they occur. Focus on the opposite to shift the disempowering feeling.

Law of attraction then starts to attract better situations as you stop putting your energy into something you don't want to create or continue.

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Marisa Russo hosts a new weekly web TV show called "Heal Yourself and Your Life From Home" that provides plenty of practical natural health and healing tips and lots of little known resources that will help you create shifts towards the ultimate life you dream about. Marisa Russo is known as The Virtual Healer. Marisa’s unique and often unconventional healing strategies will give you instant, ready-to-use healing ‘recipes’ for fast results. The Virtual Healer is all about combining enlightenment with self reliance.