America is experiencing a crisis. A crisis can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you see it. It can be an opportunity to panic and respond in fear or, a time of great opportunity and growth. I, myself, have been through alot of crisis in my life including my husband's traumatic brain injury which landed him in 3 hospitals for 3 months. Thank God for health insurance but, there was no gurantee it would pay for everything because, the insurance company had to determine that every procedure and everything else that was done had to be medically necessary. So, how did I deal with all of the stress I was going through and all the fear? Here is how.

1). I let people help me whereas, I took the debt that was already in my marriage prior to John's illness and gave it to Consumer Credit. They were able to get the credit card companies to remove the finance charges, fees, and interest rates that did not allow us to catch up and overcome debt.
2). I got rid of everything we did not need such as magazine subscriptions and my new truck for we had a truck already paid off. This meant I only paid one car insurance payment and one personal tax.
3). I did not buy a house but, instead, rented and, this meant I did not have to pay a mortgage or real estate taxes. I also did not have to pay for mainteanance costs.
4). I kept my job and worked with my co-workers so that I could be at the hospital and also do my job as a Probation Counselor.
5). I took it one day at a time and did what I could do and, what I could not do, I let it go. I realized I was only human and that I was wounded and hurt and, did not need to be too hard on myself.

The result was that the health insurance company paid the hospital bill-the whole thing-which was a miracle of God, my husband made a miracoulous recovery, we won a lawsuit against the car company out of court for they would not honor the disability insurance we purchased and, we were completely out of debt. God is a miracle working God and, is big enough to handle your greatest debt and your most challenging situation if you will only be faithful, read and obey His word, and be patient. What one needs in a crisis is a real relationship with a real God for, nothing is too hard for him. By the way, the hospital bill was 13 million dollars! So, what miracle can God do for you today!

Author's Bio: 

My name is Biancia Tate and, I have an Associates Degree in Human Services and a Bachelors Degree in Social Work. I am the wife of a traumatic brain injury survivor and the founder of The Hope Network found at My goals in life are to be a prophetic evangelist to give people hope in times of crisis.