When I look at this economic crisis, I see that people are losing the one thing that always made them feel safe and that is their security. One feels secure when they know that, what they have in their possession will not be lost such as their job, their home, their car and their bank account. But, what happens when a crisis strikes your home such as a fire or a flood or, worse, a recession, and all that makes you feel safe is gone? How will you ever feel secure again and, how does one start over from nothing?

Victor Frankl was a Jewish man who was a captive in the holocost who lost his freedom and his whole family was murdered by the Nazis. He had to witness, daily, those around him being tortured and being killed and, yet, he lived. Victor Frankl said that, what he learned from that experience was that, the Nazi's could take away everything from him except his relationship and faith in God. This gave him the strength, courage and hope he needed to survive his traumatic experience and, after he was released from the camp, he became the father of logo-therapy. He was a phoenix who rose from his ashes and used the wisdom he had gained from his experience to help others overcome their traumatic experiences.

So, how can you use your crisis to help others? Many of us have been in the workplace a long time and have learned alot in those workplaces. We have obtained knowledge, skills, and abilities throughout the years in the marketplace that have made us more marketable then when we began our careers. Have you ever thought about writing all of those things down and seeing how you might be able to start your own business on the internet?

You may be able to be a consultant or sell products online and save yourself all of the overhead costs your boss spends now.
So, become a phoenix and rise from your ashes as Victor Frankl did and, see what you have learned all these years in the workplace and, then, see what kind of business you can birth out of all of those new skills and abilities. It is time to be COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE!

So, faith plus courage plus creativity equals the phoenix. It is time to give birth to your dream! Go for it!

Author's Bio: 

I am 47 years old and reside in Lynchburg Virginia. I am a born again, spirit-filled Christian entrepreneur who is creatively courageous. My online ministry is called The Hope Network created to provide educational support, hope and healing to survivors of trauma and/or crisis. I have an Associates Degree in Human Services and a Bachelors Degree in Social Work. I also have a Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling but, most of all, I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through, whose strength I can do all things! I have also been married 16 years to a traumatic brain injury survivor -John.