I Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2008.

I Have three amazing gifts for you

The first is a copy of my book Universal Laws of Abundance. The book is very simply a step by step process on how to use the laws of attraction and have everything. All you have to do is follow the steps.


The second is an amazing meditation that will accellerate the process of the above, its called "the quiet path to success!" it is found at:


It has been proven many times and my own study of successful people has highlighted this information to me many times. People who have goals are 20 times more likely to achieve them. Then again people who write them down correctly are 200 times more likely to achieve their goals than those who don't.

So my third gift to you, and probably the most valuble to you is a free goals report. It will help you decide on what is important to you and create your goals such that you can achieve them with ease! Put this together with the other two products and we could be celebrating this time next year! Simply click on the link below and follow the instructions, fill in the blanks.

I hate spam mail just as much as you do, so right at the end of the form are two squres trying to sign you up to two new newsletters. I suggest that you untick them to avoid any spam before sending the report.

It is totally confidential and is totally free of charge or obligation. I suggest that you use it to help you create an amazing 2008!


So enjoy the rest of this year, I will be spending it with my family before the start of the new year. If there is anything Catalyst can help you with, please do contact me.

If its a corporate training event, a profession Enneagram profiling service, an inspiring speaker for and event or a team of coaches that will support you in creating your future, they way you want it.

I look forward to connecting with you in 2008, whether is myspace.com or facebook.com or simply by phone or email.

Take care, love


Deepak Lodhia

Professional Qualified Coach

Catalyst Coaching


Tel 00(+44)121 288 5502

Email: Deepak@catalyst-coaching.org

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However you define success, we can help you achieve it! Success means different things to different people. Whether its outperforming the competition, adapting to new challenges or having more time to yourself, Catalyst Coaching can help you achieve your goals. Success comes in CANS and Failures come in CAN'TS, let me take you from I CAN'T to I CAN

Author's Bio: 

Deepak Lodhia

The Life Strategy & Success Coach

As one of the leading British life strategy and Success coaches, Deepak Lodhia has coached hundreds of people over the last seven years. He incorporates many of the strategies and techniques developed by Coaching, to help people maximise their personal happiness and business effectiveness. He has, in essence, been coaching and training all his life - including training martial artists and firewalkers - and professionally working with business leaders and members of the public. His prime purpose as a coach is to encourage people to make the absolute best of their potential, to become fulfilled, productive and profitable. This is achieved by developing specific, tailor-made strategies for each individual. The coaching process is effective, results-oriented and great fun and the client invariably feels unconditionally supported throughout.
Apart from working with his own coaching case load of private and corporate clients, Deepak presents Emotional Intelligence trainings with a combination of business and corporate trainings.
His latest books “Universal Laws” and “Emotional Mastery” form a basis for many trainings of other companies. His AIM model is used by many others to create amazingly rapid results.

His audio program STEPS, Steps To Excellence and Personal Success is taking the coaching world by storm.

Deepak Founded Catalyst Coaching Organisation in 2000. He needed to work with others who held the same values of integrity, Inspiration and action that the company stands for.

Deepak excels in coaching because of his diverse skill set and his ability to work with people from all backgrounds and ages.

With a background of personal and corporate coaching, Deepak has a unique ability to open people's minds to possibilities. This allows them to think 'outside the box' and put themselves back in the driving seat of their career or life.

Deepak has a real talent for seeing what is going on with people, his intuition and empathy set him apart from the majority of coaches (so much so that many coaches have Deepak as their coach). Deepak's personal mission is to live a fulfilled life and to inspire, touch and move others to take actions to do the same.