My unique multi-cultural upbringing exposed me to how; many people live in other major parts of the world; such as Europe, Asia and Africa. Although I came from an affluent and privileged background; I ended up working closely with all kinds of people from diverse classes including; social activists, mentally ill, physically disabled, criminal elements; like murderers, rapists and drug dealers. I noted similarities in the different classes of human nature. We all crave love and acceptance by our families and friends.

I was motivated to write Innocence Interrupted by my own personal childhood experiences. I also wanted to bring attention to the familiar predators that are not identified on the internets or posted in the neighborhoods. My book covers some graphic real life cases and is presented in an effort to inspire parents, care givers and all family members to beware and pay closer attention to the needs of everyone in our homes.

Innocence Interrupted explores some useful prevention guidelines and provides the most essential and pragmatic survival tips for the entire family. I tried to reinforce the fact that many times, the predators are alive and well within our own families. They largely remain unidentified and continue to carry on these vile acts of sexually molesting and raping our young innocents in anonymity with no recourse. Most predators do belong to families and in “normal” people's homes;

Child abuse is in the same category with sexual molestation because it is also an inexcusable assault on young innocent victims. Many times, the Abusers are known but have some controlling power over the rest of the family by virtue of finances or share size. Child physical abuse is almost always by a family member, most likely the parents or care takers. There is almost always a tell tale physical sign that is usually covered up.

Abuse against innocent children is especially reprehensible. A lot of the incidences of abuse are usually undocumented or underreported, but even of the reported cases nationwide, thousands of young ones are molested, abused, mutilated and murdered on an ongoing basis, everyday, worldwide. Many of the victims are mere babies and their main abusers are those entrusted to love and care for them. The reported statistics are staggering; yet it is no where close to the actual numbers.

Many of us with children tend to take life for granted and do not always cherish the wonderful blessing it is to procreate and bring a child into this world. It is actually a privilege that must not be taken lightly. It is unfortunate that many good people yearn to be parents; but by some twist of fate, they cannot directly receive this one request. Thankfully other means to parenthood such as adopting and fostering now exist for the many beautiful young ones in need of love.

The irony of life is that while some people crave children, there are those who have no business being parents and raising children. A lot of individuals with emotional issues, chemical imbalance, drug and alcohol abuse problems cannot cope with the rigors of parenthood. It is not easy to be completely responsible for another human being who depends on you for everything. That notwithstanding, abuse of any kind to any body is inexcusable and totally unacceptable by any standard.

Many abusers and molesters never get caught because most are either not exposed or followed through to testimony and conviction, after it is actually reported. The toll of abuse is enormous on the victims and that is partly responsible; for there being so many emotionally barren people in the world today. Many victims become mentally debilitated with a variety of mental illnesses including alcoholism and drug addiction while some develop physical problems, such as anorexia and bulimia.

A high percentage of molested and abused victims become abusers and molesters themselves and many are repeat offenders. A high number of victims die during the actual abuse, out of uncontrolled violence. Some are killed after the act to hide evidence. A high number of victims commit suicide from the sheer toll of the trauma. Most of us know someone who has been molested or abused. Some of us do not even know we do.

Your child must learn that these behaviors are unacceptable; however when the parent is the perpetrator, who will teach the child? Abusers are experts at manipulation and playing mind games. They are smart enough to cover their tracks and remain undetected for a long time. If only we are all a little more attentive (vigilant) and boldly responsible. If you suspect abuse in your home or classroom, you are obligated to investigate it.

Ask questions, this is not when we need to mind our own business; because too many innocent souls are being sacrificed. Examine the child or take her/him in to be examined by a Clinician. Insist that the abuser gets professional help or turn him in. Call a family meeting and have the family rally around both persons. Seek help for both parties; family therapy is invaluable in these situations. There are public trauma and private clinics.

Most places have Crisis hotline or sexual assault/rape crisis hotline where one can call to get direction as to where to go in each city for treatment, guidance counseling and legal assistance. The insurance companies are also good sources of referrals to qualified and covered benefits and providers. The yellow pages are good sources for referrals. The community hospitals are very helpful even if you have no insurance coverage. The local churches offer assistance even to non-members. The local police stations are always open for business and will help any time. Schools can help. The internet is a new reliable way to get quick and anonymous help for any thing that ails one these days.

As difficult as it may be, these horrible experiences can be transcended and the victims can look forward to worthwhile futures with proper and quick intervention. Victims must be made to understand that they did nothing wrong to bring this about. They must not accept the guilt and responsibility for the crime perpetrated on their innocent bodies by sick adults. Prosecution is a long drawn out process and it is not pleasant nor is it cheap but most definitely worth the efforts.

Victims and their care givers must make the conscious efforts to pick up the pieces, no matter what happened in the past, the future is full of endless possibilities. We must provide solid foundations to build self esteem and love for each other, because there are too many confused human beings in the world today. We must all endeavor to become change agents and make our world safer for all of us and especially for the younger generations. Change starts with each of us. Healing is a realistic and possible expectation.

Author's Bio: 

Rehabilitation Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Author of "A Slice od Africa", "Innocence Interrupted" and "Till Cheating Do Us Part".