The evolution of the soul is a mysterious and glorious affair with life. The souls ultimate goal is and has always been to attain enlightenment. Enlightenment is a work in progress with different developmental stages influencing it. When a person understands the energies as well as the stages of growth they are experiencing they reunite with their souls aspirations and can manifest those aspirations through right thought and conduct.

I would like to discuss these developmental stages so a better understanding of the growth cycle can be acquired. At the present time on earth these cycles are speeding up and merging together eliminating time frames as you would normally perceive them. Some of you will experience this merging while others will live the time frame of the full-allotted cycle. One is no better then another, for both awaken the realization of your divine self.

Between the ages of 1 and 14, the physical cycle of growth takes shape and becomes the dominant factor in ones life. It is during this stage of living that hereditary influences are revealed and the constitution of the physical body is known. Its health or ill health, physical strengths or handicaps, the individual's position in life and within the family unit, the span of life and type of circumstances pertaining to ones life are shown. The body is the budget of credits and debits, which have carried over from ones prior lives and relate to what one has to deal with in the present life. Most karmic health problems present themselves during this cycle.

When a person is in this cycle it would be helpful to create and maintain a healthy physical environment in which they can grow. Address issues of a karmic nature, shift the energies of ill health and encourage creative enterprises.

Between the ages of 14 and 21 the psychic cycle of growth appears within the life of the individual. It is during this stage in ones life that feeling and desire takes hold. These feelings and desires are often the result of what one has desired, felt and done in past lives. Emotional insecurity as well as psychic impressions forms during this stage of ones life cycle. Repeated dreams, nightmares, visions and emotional outbursts assert themselves during this stage of growth.

When a person is in this cycle care should be given to the emotional well being of the individual. Encouragement, support and respect on all levels and in all areas of the individuals life should be implemented.

Between the ages of 21 and 35 the mental cycle presents itself. Mental energy expresses itself as the thought patterns one has and how those thought patterns influence ones behavior. It represents the atmosphere associated with the mind of the individual and includes the mental character, attitudes, intellectual attainments and other mental endowments.

When a person is in this cycle attention should be given to the stimulation of thought and the encouragement of inspiring ideas.

Between the ages of 35 and 52, the spiritual cycle is awakened within ones life. Spiritual energy represents the amount or degree of self-knowledge one has about themselves and the application of that knowledge. Spiritual growth is the result and the use of ones creative and generative force. It manifests as ones knowledge of humanity and human relations. The amount of self-knowledge one has is shown by the degree of self control one expresses over their physical and emotional desires, as well as knowing what should be done for oneself and others. It activates intuition and brings forth enlightenment on any subject, idea, action or deed that the individual is engaged in. Spiritual awakening is the sum total of the individual and works in conjunction with all others phases of growth. It accelerates understanding, acceptance, and compassion towards self and others.

When one has awakened their spiritual understanding fully, they have the ability and strength to use their awareness to clear any remaining debris within their being, to serve the universal plan and dissolve karmic energies within and around them.

If you work with the energies associated with the above cycles you can move through each one effectively and speed up the growth process. In each stage of growth emphasis should be placed on the energies that complement it for the best results to be attained.

Author's Bio: 

Sayahda, a clairvoyant since birth has traveled the globe giving special guidance to a changing world. Her practical down to earth approach to spirituality is refreshingly realisitc. A leading edge author and founder of The Orhai Method of Total Healing, Sayahda has over 33 years experience in the metaphysical arena.