Seeing Beyond Externals copyright 2007
by Dr. Jeanine

When I was a child, I enjoyed watching the 1960s comedy television program The Munsters. For those of you who did not see the original show or the re-runs, the show featured a family of monsters who encounter the same problems as other families. Part of the joke was that they didn't see themselves as any different from their "normal" suburban neighbors. The part that I found most fascinating was that the family: mother, father, grandfather and young boy included a normal teenage sister. The sister, Marilyn Munster, looked like a 1960s blonde beauty queen. Her hair was perfectly teased in an upturned bob and she wore perfectly pressed A-line dresses. She didn't seem to notice that her family was made up of monsters. Of course, many teenagers feel embarrassed if their parents do even the slightest thing to set them apart from other families. In my estimation, Marilyn Munster represented a modern day enlightened master.

Whether we identify with the "normal" one or the "monster", however we slice it we are viewing ourselves as separate. We may feel superior or inferior, depending on our mood. In any case, the outcome has the same genesis. We are identifying ourselves as separate from our sisters and brothers. Marilyn Munster didn't seem to think of herself as better or worse, she accepted her family as they were. She wasn't tempted to see them as different, wrong or just plain embarrassing, which most of us would probably do. On the other hand, Marilyn's family didn't judge her either. They didn't appear to be jealous, threatened or need to dim her beauty in any way to make them selves feel more beautiful. They simply saw her as another beloved family member.
When we seek separation, the penalty is loss of connection. If our mission here is to join and accept each other, let's seek to join and appreciate rather than separate and diminish.

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