Do you know the three easy weight loss tips that lead to true life long weight control? Put these easy weight loss tips into practice today and you're on the way to a new lighter and more attractive you that perhaps had not seemed possible before.

1. Don't start another diet if you want to lose weight!

Going on yet another fad diet is a recipe for long term weight gain for most people. Several undesirable events kick in when you start such a diet that lead to this result. For a start, the dieting process tends to program your mind to become obsessed with all the foods that you are not allowed to eat on your diet.

This is not hard to understand when you try the following:

Suppose chocolate is one of your favorite foods and you are no longer allowed to eat it on your new diet. Now, do not think about chocolate right now. Of course, you have immediately just imagined chocolate as soon as your read that instruction. The fact is our subconscious mind can not process negatives without actually thinking about what is prohibited. The result is that the more you keep telling yourself not to eat chocolate (or whatever else is banned on your new diet) the more you will think about it!

Another fundamental problem about a diet is that it won't be forever. There are all sorts of reasons why people don't remain on a diet. First among theme are that diets are inconvenient and boring. Face it, your not going to eat like this forever. Typically we say to ourselves, "I'll stick to my diet until I have lost x number of pounds and then I will go back to eating normally." Well, of course, eating normally is what led to us being overweight in the first place! Soon any weight we may have lost begins to pile back on and then some more.

If dieting is not the answer then what is? Well first, change your eating habits and eat less. Here are two easy weight loss tips on how to get started to do just that.

2. Getting into a new way of eating

People are controlling their weight just by implementing this tip alone. What you do is simply decide on one, and only one, place in the house where you will eat. And you choose this one place where there are no other distractions. No TV watching, no reading of the newspaper or your book etc. You are going to actually enjoy the food you eat and to do this you need to focus totally on what you are eating.

So many times people who are overweight spend a lot of time thinking about eating while they are not doing so but when it is time to eat they are hardly aware of the food itself as they eat while watching television or reading. As a Consulting Hypnotist I can assure you that it is very easy to literally go into a trance while watching TV, reading a book, or listening to the radio etc. You can be amazed at the amount of food that is then eaten without you actually being consciously aware of it until it is too late.

Don't do it! Focus on what you are actually eating. Become aware of what and how you are eating: the tastes, the textures of the food, how fast you are chewing etc. And if you're watching TV and you need to eat, OK, but in following this tip you must get up, go to your chosen "eating place" and eat there.

Having to do this of course will go a long way to help you become aware of deciding if you are really hungry or not. You may discover that you are not really hungry but using eating for some reason other than satisfying your hunger. May be you are bored, angry or feel in need of a reward. Following this tip is a first important step to taking back control of your eating habits.

3. Painless Downsizing

How many times have you heard (and resolved) that you really should eat smaller portions? Well the trouble is when we measure out those smaller portions onto our standard size dinner plate that portion can look disheartening small! Our first thoughts are typically, "how is that little amount of food going to satisfy me? "

Well you can easily trick your mind to get round this one. Try using a smaller plate, fill it up and you will automatically be eating less without it playing nearly so heavily on your mind. Eat off this smaller plate while focusing on your food at your special place as described in Tip #2. Soon you will find yourself
becoming pleasantly satisfied, both mentally and physically, by the time you have finished what is on your plate.

New way of eating.

Decide now to put these easy weight loss tips into practice. By deciding not to begin yet another diet, changing your eating habits and eating less you are starting off on a much smarter and surer way to gain back control of your weight, permanently. This time you are establishing healthier eating habits that can truly last a lifetime.

You will soon start to feel (and look) great. You can do it. Start now - I wonder where are you going to choose as your one eating place in your home?

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Stephen Gruber MA is a Consulting Hypnotist at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal. Here he helps people lose weight everyday. Discover more weight loss tips and how Hypnosis can really make the difference in a weight loss program at his web site
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