The other day I was in the check-out line at a store. A woman noticed an item in my wallet. She told me that item could cause me big trouble. I laughed and thanked her.
The woman had spread her garbage my way and toward everyone else in the check out line and the cashier. She delighted in giving me this negative information.
As I walked away from the check out area, I had to ask myself, am I doing this? Am I taking some negative bit of fear-provoking information and spreading garbage over other people? When I see something bothersome in someone, I know that bothersome thing is in me. If someone spreads some garbage my way, I have to check and see in what ways am I spreading garbage? In that way, other people help us see what needs to be corrected in ourselves.
I was reminded of very valuable things by the woman that morning. One is to watch to be sure I’m not spreading garbage, spreading negative news or information into the environment.
Hearing negative news or information, you and I have a decision to make. Blab it around to everyone we come into contact with, pick up the phone and tell everyone we know, or just let the information go. The mind fights very hard to get us to tell everyone these very insightful pieces of negative garbage. Deciding not to do it is fun because the mind puts up such a ruckus. The curtain gets thrown back and we get to see the mind for what it is, an agitated mechanism of negativity.
Being loving is filtering our words to be sure what comes out of our mouth helps others and never hurts them. “Square all with love.” If it’s loving do it, say it, think it. If it’s non loving, it’s a decision: be positive and loving or be negative and non loving. “How does this information help anyone,” is what you should constantly be asking yourself. You decide your direction moment to moment. You’re moving up and bringing others with you or you’re taking the elevator down and taking others along.
Each moment decide: It’s a victory for garbage or a victory for freedom. It’s a victory for freedom when we apply love and not let ourselves be overtaken and overrun by garbage.
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