At some point in life, we will all face obstacles and challenges.
It is said that it is not what we go through in life, but it is how we handle the hard times that really matter. When bad things happen to us, most of the time we feel angry, sad or depressed. We feel like we are powerless and that we cannot change our lives for the better. Some of us even give up trying.

The good news is that we don't have to be depressed or give up. When bad things happen to us-whether it is a job loss, loss of a lover or some other painful experience, we have two choices.
We can either wallow in self pity, or we can choose to empower ourselves. We are more powerful than we realize and can take the necessary steps towards being optimistic and maintaining a positive outlook.

So, what do we do when our boyfriend/girlfriend leaves us or when we are laid off from our job? How can we be happy when everything in our lives seems to be going wrong?

Here are some tips that will inspire you to be at your best when life seems at its worst.

*Trust in a higher power/Get in touch with you spiritual side
When hard times present themselves, make the choice to be happy.
Meditating, practicing Yoga, praying or journaling will assist you with connecting with your higher self. The more you connect with yourself, you increase your overall happiness and self-worth.

*Focus on the positive aspects of your life
It's easy to focus on negative things when we are down in the dumps,but to increase happiness, think about the things you are happiest about.

We really do become what we think. What can you be happy about or excited about if you wanted to be? You can also think about what you are most grateful for in your life. When you think about happiness, or about something you are grateful for, you experience those positive emotions and more happiness will come your way.

*Be good to your body
Exercising and eating well is one of the best things you can do to increase positive emotions and confidence in yourself. Taking care of yourself physically will not only make you look great on the outside, but will lift stress and make you feel better on the inside.

*Spoil Yourself
When you feel down in the dumps, treat yourself extra special.
Have a pampering day. Go to the spa, buy yourself those jeans you wanted or go out with friends you have not seen in a while. Whatever you do, make it something that makes you feel good!

Staying positive during hard times can sometimes be challenging, but there are many things you can do to maintain your happiness. Making a conscious decision that tough times won't get the best of you is a great start. Taking good care of yourself and keeping a positive mindset is a sure way to happiness, joy and peace.

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Florence Edward's Bio

Florence Edwards was born in Riverside, CA in 1976. She attended Eisenhower High school in Rialto, CA where she excelled in English and public speaking. After graduating in 1994, Florence applied to California State University, San Bernardino where she received her Master's in Mass Communications.

As a student, Florence discovered an underlying passion: Public Relations. Her love for people and the entertainment industry was the driving force that led her to seek a career in the PR field.

Upon graduating college with a Master's degree in Communications, Florence moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in publicity. In 2006, she obtained her first client, a motivational author and business-owner. Florence was able to secure various radio and TV interviews and was successful in placing her client's books in various bookstores.

Today, Florence is very committed about working with new clients
and is excited to provide up and coming talent with the necessary tools to help them gain consistent media exposure.

Florence's diverse talents include press releases, pitch letters, research, interviews and publicity plans. Her overall goal is to establish her own entertainment PR firm and to inspire
women to be entrepreneurs.