You are creating your life experience every single day. Your life is formed from what you think about all day long. The beliefs and attitudes that are so habitual that you don't even notice them shaping your experiences. Instead of responding to situations from an awareness of All Potentials, you react to stimuli from outdated concepts. By re-acting, acting out an attitude over and over, you remain unconscious of what you're doing, and that you're probably sabotaging whatever it is that you want.

Have you ever opened a bag of potato chips and unconsciously nibbled on them while watching a movie? Maybe you'd like to lose weight, but all of a sudden the bag is empty. Oops! You probably weren't even hungry, but you ate them out of habit.

Wanting a specific thing to happen in your life, you're actually filling your mental screen with its opposite. The very thing you want to eliminate from your life clutters it up, chattering, "I can't have," "I don't have," "I don't deserve." You believe that what the mental chatter says is truth, maybe because someone you trusted told you it was so. Or you believe in them because they're happening in your life. You believe life is difficult. Just look at all the problems you have right now. But you don't have problems because life is difficult; you have problems because you "believe" that life is difficult. You have a mental fog of illusion, delusion, confusion, and this fog permeates every idea and concept you have.

You're not alone. We all have this fog to some degree. But you can shine a light on your attitudes to burn away the mental fog. Begin by examining the old standards by which you judge yourself. Are they appropriate for you now, or were they only appropriate for you sometime in your past?

For instance, at the beginning of the century, a woman whose legs showed from beneath her dress was criticized. Within twenty years, that opinion was outdated. Are you holding onto ideas that belonged to another generation, but that don't serve you now? Your life is your life and no one else's. You have a right to live your life by the standards you create for yourself. So assess the rules you live your life by, and decide what you want to keep, and what you want to release. It's your right.

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Linda-Ann Stewart is a nationally known hypnotherapist, writer,
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