"Nothing ever works for me," "Everything I try fails," "Whenever something good happens, something bad happens." Have you ever felt this way? I have had clients who have had these ideas as core concepts. Because this is what they believe, this is exactly what they manifest. They experience Life fighting against them for every improvement they try to make. They might begin to prosper, suddenly be out of a job, and descend into a depression rather than follow up on opportunities for a better position. Or they change to a healthier lifestyle, but when their life begins to improve, they abandon the new lifestyle that has set them on that healthier path. In all cases, the belief of Life being against them becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Life didn't abandon them. They abandoned Life.

Many people got the impression that the world was against them when they grew up in dysfunctional families. A prominent theme in alcoholic homes is that a child can only trust the family, because no one else is allowed to know the secret that a parent drinks to excess. The propaganda is that if others find out, they would reject the child. This is untrue, but serves the adults who want the secrets kept. Therefore, the child grows up with a suspicion of anyone in the outside world. And fulfilling their expectation, people live up to the suspicion.

Another element in dysfunctional homes is the denial of the secret. There's a secret no one can know, but then again, there really isn't anything wrong. A child raised in this confusion begins to question their view of reality. After growing up, this child won't trust themselves or their perceptions. If someone steals from their pocket and denies it, the victim will believe what is stated, rather than what actually happened.

When a person can't trust themself and can't trust their perception, it's very difficult to trust the Universe. After being told that no one outside the family has their best interests at heart, the prevailing view is to feel like Life is not supportive. This perspective can happen to any one of us. These same kinds of beliefs can happen to anyone; especially someone who has gone through a trauma that has shaken the foundation of their beliefs.

There's an old saying, "If God is for me, who can be against me?" The answer is "No one." When you allow the Universe to help you, then no one and nothing can be against you, including your past. Past programming can be dissolved with the concept that Life is always looking out for your Highest Good. All you have to do is be present for yourself and for Life. If you know you need to change your diet and begin exercising to improve your health, you do it to support yourself and Life. Suppose you're in a demeaning relationship. Instead of trying to fix the relationship, you show yourself that you're worth better treatment by leaving the relationship.

All of the Universe is on your side. You can trust Life to love and support you, but first you have to believe in yourself and in it. Even if uncomfortable and so-called disastrous things have happened to you in the past, God is for you. Tapping into that feeling and affirming it to yourself will give the Power of the Universe a conduit to flow through to help you. As you reclaim yourself and step in the direction of Self-trust, the Infinite rushes in to meet you.

All of Universal Life is for me, is on my side. Any thought contrary to this is untrue. I know that no matter what's happened in the past, I deserve the Goodness of Life to support me in all of my endeavors. I follow any guidance, so that I reclaim myself. I recognize what I need to do to show up for the Universe, which is within me.

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Linda-Ann Stewart is a nationally known hypnotherapist, writer, and workshop facilitator with over twenty-five years background in metaphysics. At her website at http://www.cedarfire.com, she offers personal development articles, affirmations, online spiritual growth courses, audiotapes, and a free newsletter. She can be reached at linda-ann@cedarfire.com