Stress is a natural part of life. We all experience it at some time another from various types of situations. The working moms can find themselves at the very top of the stress ladder. They experience more than one type of stress.

They have the stress of their own personal lives, stress from their jobs and stress from whatever’s going on within their families. All that stress can easily build up and the top can come blowing off. There are many things that one can do to help alleviate the stress. What you would be able to do depends on your situation. Here are some tips for mothers working at home and those outside of the home:

Working Moms Outside of the Home

These mothers have to commute to their jobs and find time to go pick up their kids for appointments or whatever activities they may have. The stress level can be high with making sure they have a good working vehicle to get them to work and back, flexibility within their position to allow them to take off when they need to in order to get their kids and even to keep a good work performance.

All of those things adds up and could lead to major amounts of stress. Especially when you start to add other kinds of stress to that; like finding a good daycare etc. When the lid blows off their stress levels, they can risk losing their jobs or being short with their spouses and children.

Work At Home Moms

These mothers either own a business or perform a job from a home office. They can experience stress because they sometimes have to work while their children or spouse are home and that can cause them distractions. They find it difficult to get their work and their regular housework done when they have to stop and take care of their children’s needs or deal with people stopping by.

Also, they have to deal with the isolation factor. Those who work outside of the home have other adults to talk to and go to lunch with. Work at home moms work by themselves and the only conversation that most get is from their children. The craving for adult conversation can cause more stress than they already have.


-Make sure your boss is aware of your family situation and is okay with you taking off for your kids

-Get some help from others who could take your children for awhile or simply to pick them up when needed.

-Schedule Time for Yourself and do something relaxing

-Exercise or Go for walks to burn off some of the stress

-Have your children help out around the house with chores they are able to do

-Hire someone to watch your children while you’re working in your home office

-Get Local teens to help out with lawn mowing, snow shoveling or whatever needed for some pocket cash

-See if your job is eligible to work from home part time to help alleviate your commuting stress

-Try to separate Work life from Home life. You shouldn’t take your work home with you

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom working outside of the home or working at home; you still have to deal with all kinds of stress. Learn how to combat them so you can keep your family life and work life working in harmony.

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