Suicide – What If?

What if you decided that life was too hard, that you couldn’t cope and you did not want to live anymore?

What if you decided to take your own life?

What if you died?
What then?

What if all of the mystics were right and there was a heaven, and a life after death?

What if the “you’’ inside of your body did not really die?

What if the only thing that changed was that you were no longer in a body and that you were now watching everything from a bigger perspective?

What if there was no judgment on your actions, just Love and Compassion and that you now realized you ARE and always have been part of that Love and compassion

What if you then understood that coming to earth was a choice and like being at school you needed to be on earth to learn to take responsibility for everything that you created?

What if you discovered that living and the Earth journey was all about finding and exploring your potential?

What if you were starting to regret missed opportunities, that you now saw your life with more clarity and wished you had tried harder?

What if you saw the sadness and pain your leaving created in your family and friends?

What if you understood that the journey on earth was like a contract and that by taking your life you had not fulfilled that contract? now knowing that things could have been different if you had just asked for help.

What if you realised that you would have to go back and do it again, that you cannot renege on a Universal agreement?; an agreement to come to earth for a specific learning experience and to make the world a better place

What if you could have another chance?

Veronica Garrett

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