I’m a bit philosophical today. Last week I was driving my caravan and a young and inexperienced driver decided to turn in front of me, literally.

There was no where to go. I surrendered the wheel and allowed the incident to happen without me trying to stop it. Both air bags deployed(that experience was horrendous).

The young driver didn’t have any passengers as my vehicle pushed in and on top of her little car. The impact (the police said was equivalent to 120 mph) took two tow trucks to disengage the vehicles. We both were taken to the hospital where I learned she had to have surgery for a couple breaks in her collarbone. My injuries didn’t require surgery and I’m on the mend seeing the doctor along with an excellent massage therapist doing structural release freeing up the kinks.

This experience really brought me full circle of trust, trust in God and trust in myself.

I feel gratitude for the just-turned-17-year-old girl who was driving while she held the cell to her ear. The experience could be a wake up call for her to pay attention and use more caution with her driving. What an opportunity for her to change her life.

Shifting a bit ... The great masters tell us when we appreciate something that someone has done for us we are more than likely to reciprocate.

Gratitude and appreciation reinforces giving. It’s not a requirement nor should it be.

On my website, check 'The Secret' out! This movie demonstrates living life at its fullest and the energy that shifts us from victim thinking to being accountable, having what we want and that we always have a choice.

The movie can be viewed on the Internet or you can order it. Rating it – it’s a 10.

My Turkey day was unlike any I have experienced as an adult. This year my daughter’s husbands’ prepared the dinner. How lucky do you get, eh?

Phone calls came in on Thanksgiving and since – life is really about reaching out and connecting with someone – offering a listening ear and maybe a suggestion or support.

Ponder this – do you find your self thinking, I don’t have time! Do you get upset when you’re waiting in line?

That’s the mirror. More time becomes available to you as you share it.

I'm a phone call away. My office is 509.585.9683.

I am happy to be a part of your life and your growth.

May your day be filled with wonderful surprises!

Smiles to you!

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Happy thoughts ... make a great day!

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