When you’re in a positive place you take the right action. Whatever you say or do is effective. It works.

When you’re positive, the action you take is correct action because it’s action made in the now, in the present. It’s action based on intuition. In positive energy, all your mental noise, your garbage is out of the way. All your negative feelings are out of the way. Your action is taken from a place of clarity.

Taking action from negative energy is usually wrong and harmful. It’s because the action is taken from negativity, from negative feelings. When action is taken from negative feelings it’s action taken from your past. Negative feelings are from the long dead past. When you’re living in the present moment there aren’t any negative feelings. Negative feelings are all automatic, reactive behavior you learned in the past.

When you take action from negativity, the result is going to be negative, of course. Negative cannot generate positive.

Think of a few examples. You get mad at someone. Once your anger has quieted, now guilt is there. Anger and guilt, two negative emotions which do you no positive good. You get scared so you take some action or you don’t take some action because you’re coming from fear. You end up in regret. “I shouldn’t have done that.” “I shouldn’t have said that.” “I should have done that.” “I should have said that.” Fear and regret. Two more negative emotions that do you absolutely no good and cause you harm, misery and suffering.

What’s the answer? The answer is to act from positive energy, to act from Love. When you do, everything works out perfectly. When you act from positive energy, when you act from Love, you’re acting in harmony with the universe. You’re acting from the present moment. So, whatever happens will be just exactly right and everyone involved will benefit.

It’s not any different for your body. If you’re living in negative feelings, you’re living in a condition of dis-ease. Guess what? You’re living in disharmony. You’re living in sickness.

Living in positive energy is living in harmony and no one and no thing can bother you particularly some organism so small they have to look at it with a powerful microscope just to see it. Living from positive energy, living in harmony with the universe, is living the life of the unlimited being that you really are. And, there is ease. There is no possibility of dis-ease.

These are all nice words and if you’re open to see what’s been said, you’ll see it makes sense. You’ll see the truth of it. The question is, how do you live in positive energy? Words are fine but not worth much without the “how to,” the how to do it.

The Release Technique is the “how to.” The Release Technique is a method, a tool, to rid yourself of negativity and when you do, you automatically move into higher, positive energy. Those who have been practicing the Release Technique live in positive energy all the time and they have positive in their lives all the time.

You are totally, 100% positive right now, 100% happy. The happiness and positive is covered up by accumulated negativity, the negative feelings.

The Release Technique gives you the skills to rid yourself of the negative. In ridding yourself of the negative, you get more and more positive and live more and more in the harmony of the universe. You move into allowing all the positive, the happiness, the health, the success, the abundance that you really are to be in your life.

You’ve been overtaken and are being run by negative feelings accumulated in your past. It does not have to be that way. There is a way out. There is no reason to suffer. You’re an unlimited being acting very limited due to the negative feelings that are running you.

The answer is the Release Technique. Go to www.releasetechnique.com and get started learning the Release Technique skills. Get started ridding yourself of negativity so you can be positive, so positive will run your life, so you will always act from Love. And when you do, you can be happy all the time and never be bothered again.

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Larry Crane has been teaching The Release® Technique to executives of Fortune 500 companies for years. He has personally trained businessmen, psychiatrists, psychologists, sports and entertainment celebrities, sales people, managers and housewives in the art of letting go of problems, emotions, stress and subconscious blocks that are holding people back from having total abundance and joy in their lives.

The Release Technique has been taught to over 100,000 graduates worldwide.
The Abundance Course IS the Release Technique, the original Release Technique Method as taught by Lester Levenson.

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