Take Charge of Your Now:
5 simple steps to restore your personal power

By: Barbara Robins

What is personal power?

When we hear the phrase “Restore Your Personal Power” most of us say “Yeah, that’s for me!” But what exactly is Personal Power? Is it to embolden yourself to a boss who doesn’t see you, or not taking it any more from an abusive boyfriend? Is it being able to win a card game or a bicycle race? Is it having the courage to give a speech before a group of 500 people or walk across a hanging rope bridge? None of those things is personal power. But all of them are expressions of personal power.

So what then is Personal Power and how do I get myself some? Ultimately Personal Power is knowing who you really are and feeling good about it.

Are self-help suggestions really helpful?

You may be one of the many people who has read self-help books and articles and listened to self-help lectures and tele-seminars. You’ve probably received lots of great tips and information from those materials and presentations. But, most of the time people are unable to act on this information because it never addresses their unconscious blocks and resistance.

All in all, each one of us is a vibrating “bioenergetic field.” And just like clogged arteries we can have energetic blockages that reside in the sub-atomic parts of our cells.

So, in this article, the steps for restoring personal power will concentrate on our bioenergetic field, to clear the energetic blockages that hinder you from being your best self.

Everything is energy

Every thought and every feeling we have is a vibration in our bioenergetic field. Anytime we have good feelings or thoughts we are energetically strengthened. Uncertainty, fear, and stress weaken our bioenergetic field. You can easily see this for yourself.

TRY THIS: First say to yourself a few times “I feel really really great!” (Do this now.) Notice how you feel. Now say to yourself a few times “ I feel miserable.” Notice how you feel now. You probably feel deflated..... we’ll fix that in just a second.

NOTE: Our thoughts can quickly change us from feeling strong to feeling weak and back again.

Step 1: Think of circles

TRY THIS: Think of circles, lots of circles. Picture circles in your mind. Notice the circles in the room you’re in - the lamp shade, a mug or bottle bottom. You can draw circles on a piece of paper, move your hand around in a circle or think of lots of bubbles.

You were feeling a bit down from the above exercise. Notice how you feel now, after experiencing lots of circles.

Circles are energetically empowering

Just by thinking of circles we can restore some of our personal power. How cool is that?

Step 2: Turn in your toes

Unknowingly we affect our energetic strength with the vibrations of our thoughts, feelings, fears and beliefs. Those vibrations lead us to either take physical action or refrain from taking action. And, over time those
actions or inaction create cellular memories that lock in our bioenergetic signals and affect our physical wellbeing.

Pointing your toes a bit towards each other completes a circuit in your energy field that overrides your bioenergetic memory. A great time to remember this is when you are on an airplane during take offs, landings and when there is turbulence. Just turn your toes towards each other and you will feel better. It also helps to turn your toes in if someone is arguing with you, or any other stressful situation.

TRY THIS: Turn your toes out so your heels are closer together and your toes farther apart. Take a deep breath in and out. Notice how you feel. Now do the opposite – turn your toes in so your toes are close together and your heels are farther apart. Take a deep breath in and out. Notice how you feel now. The difference can be subtle so try it a few times.

One of the results of this toes in position is that we are more fully present in our body.

Step 3: Be present

Whatever you are doing, from talking to your friend, or walking around your neighborhood, or speaking before a group, allowing your senses to breathe in what is around you and what you are saying or hearing, enlivens your body. It connects you to All That Is. You can literally feel that you exist, and that you have a place and a purpose in life.

The best example I can think of is one that had a big impact on me. It’s a commercial you may be familiar with. The combination of the colors, the music, and the movement activates all my senses and makes me feel completely alive and vibrant.
The interesting thing is that I had to watch it several times before that exhilarated sensation took over. Because I was used to a previous style for these commercials l had to let go of my attachment to that style in order to embrace this new one. I had to let go of the past in order to be in the present!
You can view the video at www.zemirahealing.com/powernow

You may have different feelings about this commercial than me, and that’s ok. We each get turned on by different things. That leads us to Step Four.

Step 4: Identify your important feelings & stand firm in those feelings

The clearer you are on what’s important to you, the better you feel about yourself. The better you feel about yourself the more empowered you are.

Feelings are very important. They are the catalyst that put your thoughts in motion. Think about this – can you be emotional and stay still? NO you can’t. Imagine you are at the Super Bowl. It’s the last 30 seconds of a tied game. Can you picture everyone sitting there calmly, silently watching? NO! Even if you are not fond of football and were playing solitaire the entire game you would be paying attention now. All those standing, cheering people have gotten your attention. It’s exhilarating to be there.

Emotion is movement. Look at the word “emotion” – the letter e, for energy, plus motion. Energy-motion, emotion. When you feel an emotion, action happens. And, action always creates more action, like the ripples that form when you toss a pebble into the lake.

So when you have a feeling about yourself, and you continue to have that feeling, you cause outward ripples of motion. Feeling is motion, and motion is physical. Feelings create reality. That’s personal power.

Personal Essence

Below is an exercise so you can know your top three life fulfilling feelings. These are feelings that will create the most movement for you. These are core feelings. They are what makes you tick.

In business this is called “brand essence.” For example Publix grocery store’s brand essence is “Love on a Table.” Hearing that, don’t you just want to go shop at Publix right now? I know I do. They might never say “love on a table” in their advertising but they make sure the feeling of “love on a table” is there because it attracts customers.

When you know your personal brand essence, your top fulfilling feelings, you vibrate that feeling. The ripples of energy go out from those feelings, and send back to you people and situations that reflect your feelings. That’s personal power. (And of course that’s what you want to think about because thinking about how life sucks will send those ripples out and you will attract sucky experiences instead of empowering experiences.)

TRY THIS: Take a look at the wonderful list of sensations at www.zemirahealing.com/powernow. You’re going to use this to help find your top three life fulfilling feelings. You will recognize the ones for you when you find them because you will feel them more deeply than the other words.

Let me give you an example. In the third category “Engaged,” when I looked at the word “Alert” I though “Yeah, I want to be alert.” But I didn’t feel passionate about it so I continued to read through the list. Then, when I read the word “Stimulated,” that jazzes me. When I thought again of alert I felt, eh, it’s not so great.

Another word, in another section, made me feel really sturdy, like not even a hurricane force wind could blow me over.

Go ahead and look for the three feelings that are the most satisfying to you. When you find them write them down with the words “I Am” in front of each one, like, “I Am Alert.” Then place the paper somewhere you’ll see it every day. Every day say those phrases out loud several times. You will begin to attract people and situations towards you that support those statements.

NOTE: You can also use this exercise to find your core feelings for different segments of your life, like your core feelings about your ideal career or your perfect social life.

Be a lighthouse

Stand in who you are. The clearer you are on what is important to you the better you feel about yourself. and the better you are able to attract the circumstances into your life that support those feelings.

Below is a section from the book “Attracting Perfect Customers” by Stacey Hall & Jan Broguiez. This passage focuses on attracting customers that are ideal for you, but you can also think about this effect for attracting perfect friends and situations.


Imagine a lighthouse standing strong and tall on the rocky shore of a beautiful harbor. The water is calm, the sky is blue, and many boats are out at sea. But off in the distance a storm cloud is forming. It approaches the shore very quickly. The sky is getting dark, the waves are getting rougher, and many of the boats are being tossed about on the water. as the rain and the wind pick up strength, the power of the beam of light emanating from the lighthouse increases. The darker the skies become, the brighter the light shines to provide safety and security in the midst of the storm.

Notice that not all of the boats need this beam of light to guide them to safety. Some have more confident captains
and crews, and some are fully equipped to manage through storms safely and effectively. Now imagine that the lighthouse gets upset because some of the boats are choosing to follow their own path. The lighthouse feels that it is not successful if its light is not guiding all of the boats in the sea. It sprouts arms and legs and runs up and down the beach doing its best to catch the attention of all the boat captains, attempting to encourage more of them to depend on its light.

Can you imagine what the results would be?

Most likely the boats whose captains were depending on a steady, constant stream of light to guide them safely around potential dangers would be damaged or destroyed in the chaos and confusion. Other boats might be steered dangerously close to shore so those on board could get a better look at the spectacle. Still others would be perfectly content to stay where they are – out at sea, relying on their own navigational equipment. The result: very few boats would be served well or at all by the lighthouse.

Your responsibility is to stand still and keep shining your own distinctive light, to keep polishing the lens to ensure that your light has the power and brilliance to break through the darkness and attract the attention of only perfect customers.


Generally we stand in who we are when we are comfortable with who we are. This reminds me of my bedroom when I was a kid. Every few weeks I’d rearrange the furniture in my bedroom because I was never satisfied. My furniture consisted of several mismatched pieces and even as a kid I felt the discord. I felt restless in my room. Finally, when I was 14 my parents let me choose some furniture I liked. I also got to select carpet and bedding and window dressing. After my room was redecorated I loved my room. In fact, I loved that furniture so much I still have it.

We’ve discussed being present in the moment and knowing what feelings are important to you. But, there is more to sustaining personal power than just knowing those feelings. I knew I disliked my childhood bedroom furniture but identifying that didn’t magically change the furniture into something I liked. Well, at least not quickly. It took about 5 years for my feelings to create enough ripples to make the change. Maybe my parents finally got tired of healing me scraping the floor as I dragged around the furniture while they tried to sleep.

What I know now is that no matter how much I want something, no matter how many times a day I say an affirmation, or how much I concentrate on trying to feel differently, if I have vibrations in my bioenergetic field that are in conflict with my thoughts and feelings then it takes longer to change. But be cheerful, Step 5 has the answer!

STEP 5: Optimize your bioenergetic signals

Today we have the know-how to quickly find and remove the energy blocks that prevent us from fully embracing our core feelings. Let’s say one of your life fulfilling feelings is trusting, but when you think about fully trusting you find your emotional doors slam shut. You could address this with talk therapy. That can help, especially with things you can consciously articulate. However, it usually takes considerable time and lots of effort and struggle to identify the root of your feelings when the causes are far away from your consciousness. You see, you have vibrations in your bioenergetic field that are difficult to name. They can be from repressed experiences, past life memories, or even vows that we have forgotten about, like when you said “I’ll never be like my mom.” Most people aren’t aware of their past lives let alone knowing specific incidents of trauma, so recalling and naming them is a big challenge. What is easy is when we look for them using specific energy healing techniques.

With Into This Moment healing (ITM), the energy healing method I use, when we find your troublesome bioenergetic signals, they are instantly corrected so you can immediately feel better.

I could spend time here trying to explain this to you. I could even list testimonials from people who have experienced tremendous relief during an ITM session but if you’re like me, seeing is believing. So, the best way I know to help you understand how ITM energy healing works is for you to experience it yourself.

Here are several ways you can try it free. One way is by playing the free recorded healing on my website www.ZemiraHealing.com. On the home page just click the play button in the “I Am Curious” bubble. In one minute’s time your chakras (energy hubs) will be balanced. Most people notice a difference right away.

You can also contact me for a free introductory phone session. We will look at your three life fulfilling feelings, or figure out what they are if you aren’t sure, and bring you to 100% resonance with those feelings.

You can contact me by via e-mail at Zemira@ZemiraHealing.com. Be sure to mention this article ‘Take Charge.”

I'm looking forward to celebrating with you, your renewed empowerment.

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A master level energy healer and teacher, Barbara Robins has assisted thousands of people worldwide step into empowerment. From her immensely popular custom CDs and one-on-one sessions to her highly interactive workshops Barbara’s approach provides immediate results.