Tango Buenos Aires: The Look of Love!

By Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz

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This past Saturday we saw a performance of Tango Buenos Aires – an extraordinary dance company that dances the Tango – that wonderfully sensual and explosive dance that is synonymous with Argentina. Having traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina two short years ago, this was a must-see performance for us. We saw them perform at the magnificent Touhill Performing Arts Center in St. Louis, Missouri. And we came away believing that we had just seen the “look of love.”

Tango Buenos Aires is a amazing reflection of the city it represents – pulsating, vibrant, passionate, energetic, sexy, embracing, cosmopolitan, beautiful, explosive, and heart thumping! Buenos Aires is a destination. If you have not been there, you should plan to go someday. You will not regret it. It is a city of life and love. The city like the Tango looks like love! It feels like love.

The Tango is, quite simply, dynamic, full of fervor, rhythmic, incredibly stylish, and immensely exciting. When you watch the Tango, either on the streets of Argentina or at a performance of Tango Buenos Aires, you are mesmerized. You are spellbound. You are passionate. You become romantic. You feel sexy! You understand the true meaning in the loving expression you have heard before – “It takes two to Tango.” You might want to check out one of our recent articles on this subject called Love Is Like Learning To Dance.

The Tango is a symbol of the city of Buenos Aires. It is a mixture of African and European rhythms, particularly Spanish and Italian, and is heavily influenced by the Gauchos, the Argentine “cowboys” who sang the milonga. The Tango is a rich mixture of music that transcends cultures and ethnicity, probably because it is felt in the heart more than in the head. The same is probably true of love.

The movements of the Tango look a lot like love. At first, the dancers are tentative with each other. They initially exchange fleeting glances. As they pass by each other they will share a glimpse over their respective shoulders.

But then, the movements get closer and in more rapid succession. What were short exchanges with their eyes become longer and more loving. They look deeply into each other’s eyes. They begin to embrace. They hug. They move with excitement. Their movements show great synergy and chemistry. They show joy. They kiss. They have passion. They have the look of love. There is magic in the air.

The Tango is the best metaphor we can think of for love and the nature of interaction between two people in love. In fact, this notion probably explains the popularity of the Tango for people in love. Nowhere is the Tango more popular in the USA than in New York City. A Tango instructor there by the name of Jean Fung was recently quoted as saying, “Basically, it’s like a language…Tango is a way to connect heart to heart and get very close with someone. To Tango is to enjoy the music, to move together, to let down barriers, and to be completely awake and aware.” People are flocking to Tango lessons around the country to get their “Tango high.”

To dance the Tango is to be passionate. It is to be with someone. More often than not it is to be with someone you love, someone you adore. And like love, the Tango can be both provocative and improvisational. To dance the Tango is to not always know where you are going, but the journey is always fun and the results exciting. And sometimes the “moves” are provocative. But in the end, to dance the Tango with someone you love is to demonstrate with your heart and soul “The Look of Love.”

Go dance the Tango and be happy and in love.

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