Actually there is no such thing as a bad or a good day. Nothing is either good or bad unless your thinking makes it so.

Let's say you are in a bad traffic jam and on your way to a very important meeting. Your thoughts immediately turn to the dire consequences of being late for or missing the meeting entirely. You then think this is a terrible thing to be happening to you.

Then the traffic jam clears up and a couple of miles down the road you encounter a terrible accident. Upon investigation you find the accident occurred at precisely the moment you would have been there had you not been stuck in the traffic jam. The traffic jam becomes at that point a good thing instead of the bad thing you thought it to be.

You say this may be true as far as minor incidents, but what if someone near and dear to you passed away. Surely that would be bad. Not true. Perhaps this was meant to get you started in a new phase of your life which would be extremely rewarding for you.

It seems to be a fact of life that any time something near and dear to you departs, there is always something new on the horizon to replace it. And your life evolves in such a manner there turns out to be a good reason for this change in your life.

Think back over your life and see how often this has proven to be true. Have you ever lost a job you desperately needed and then found a job which suited you and your financial needs much better than the one you had just lost?

Have you ever had a romance turn sour, only to later find the person that really matched everything you had ever wanted in a relationship? At the time we were undergoing the breakup of the romance we thought it a horrible time in our lives. However the new relationship relegated that time in our lives to an obscure memory.

The pain we inflict on ourselves is caused by our tendency to label things as good or bad. When we do not label things as either good or bad we tend to accept them as simply events occurring in the normal process of our lives. This provides a smooth flow in our lives.

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Copyright 2001 by Robert Taylor
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