Life is anything we believe it to be. We can deem it unbearable, joyful beyond belief, or anything in between. Why is this so? Why do different people react in totally different ways to the same situation or set of circumstances?

It must be our attitude toward and outlook on life. There are many ways in which we develop our attitudes and outlooks. It all starts with our parents and siblings when we are very young. It then moves to encompass everyone and everything with which we come in contact.

Our basic attitudes and outlooks are fairly well established by the time we reach the age of six years or so. We carry these with us throughout our lives, with minor changes made through further contact with a broadening circle of people and events.

There are no drastic changes unless there is some kind of a crisis which snaps us out of the ruts we have made and propels us toward our innate greatness. In some cases it can be something as simple as a phrase or story in a book, a speech given by someone, or a striking event in a movie.

In other cases it takes severe alcoholism, bankruptcy, depression, illness or other greatly debilitating circumstances to provide the shock leading to a better outlook on life.

William James, James Allen, Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone and others of their caliber have truly stated words to the effect that one of the greatest discoveries of the 20th century is that we become what we believe and we have the power to believe whatever we wish.

There are numerous self-help and self-development books based on this primary concept. The great majority of these books set forth ways and means to develop your beliefs and turn them into reality. For some people the information and methods provided by these books work. Many find little or no change in their attitudes, beliefs and actions.

We are all different and it is unthinkable that the same techniques would work equally well for all of us. Some will get what they need from reading one or two of these books, while others will read a large number of books, getting a little from each of them, and make only a small amount of headway.

Much of this can be attributed to our early formative years and the attitudes and outlooks we developed at that time. However, when we are receptive to good advice and instruction we can change all of that. It will be more difficult for some than for others, but each and every one of us can change our attitudes and outlooks.

In some cases the change is virtually overnight and in others it is a long and drawn out process. In all events it is the most worthwhile thing you will ever do. Even the smallest change for the better will make an amazing difference in your life.

We each have to approach changing our attitudes and outlooks in our own manner. For some motivational tapes work best. For others, books. For still others, it could be videos or person-to-person, such as in a seminar. Find the way that works best for you and follow it to the best of your abilities.

Let's face facts. You have nothing to lose but a losing attitude, and much to win with a winning attitude. Take that first step today. It always seems the first step is hardest and consequent development comes easier the further we progress.

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Copyright 2001 by Robert Taylor

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