The purpose of life is that which you give it. Its meaning is different for each and every one of us. My definition of the meaning of life is very likely not the same as yours. You may agree with some parts of what I consider to be the intent of life, however it is unlikely you will agree with everything I propose concerning this matter.

Some will define it as simply getting through each day with as little fuss as possible. Others define it as a process of acquiring as many possessions as possible before they die. Yet others are on a spiritual path leading where their hearts take them. There are those who think the main purpose of life is to help as many others as possible during their lifetime.

There are as many possible definitions as there are people on the face of this earth. What is your definition? That is the only one that will have any true meaning for you. There is no wrong answer.

Neither I, nor anyone else, can give your life direction. We can tell you what has worked for us and you, and you alone, will decide if it is fitting for you. We are predisposed by our prior conditioning and beliefs to accept only that which basically agrees with us. In other words, you are more likely to accept those things which are in alignment with your own beliefs.

There are many ways to seek and find your definition of the purpose of life. Some of these are to follow your heart, find those things you really love doing, search within yourself, follow a certain occupation or spiritual path, and/or seek to do only those things at which you excel.

The greatest teachers of all time are those who lead you to seek and find for yourself. They do not give you pat answers, they set up conditions and circumstances encouraging you to advance on your own merits. They influence you to think and act.

There are certain basic elements taught by all the great teachers and masters. Some of these are as follows:

You must have faith(belief) in what you are trying to achieve.

You must be focused on what you desire.

The Kingdom of Heaven, God, Cosmic Intelligence, Supreme Being, whatever name you have for it, is within each and every one of us.

The universe is a friendly place.

There are certain immutable laws controlling life and the universe.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Know thyself.

There are other elements threaded throughout the teachings of the masters, however these are the basics. Apply them to your life as best you can and observe the way they work for you.

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Copyright 2001 by Robert Taylor
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