Do you often think you are just right, or is it just the opposite? Have you ever thought you were too skinny or too fat, too tall or too short, too young or too old, ugly rather than beautiful or handsome, and so on?

These are untruths that have been foisted on us by all with whom we have come into contact since the day we were born. Regardless of your current situation or physical attributes, you are perfect for someone on this earth. Should you be willing to realize it, you are perfect for yourself.

Having doubts about this? Assume you were born and raised in a society which considered a terribly disfigured person to be perfect. You, having no disfigurement, would be considered imperfect. The perfection or imperfection is not based on reality, but on the viewpoints of the society in which the person is raised.

There have been many times throughout history where the viewpoints of society have radically differed. At times obesity was considered a sign of beauty, opulence and good health. The current line of thought is that thin is healthy and beautiful.

Here again beauty and health are not based on truth and reality, but on the prevailing societal attitudes. Even though a vast majority people may say something is true, does that really make it true?

There was a time in history when most people thought the earth to be flat and that if you traveled too far in any one direction you would fall off the world. That was society's reality at that point in time. And it lasted until it was proven that the world was round!

The point to all this is to live your life for yourself and from your own unique beauty and viewpoints. Never automatically assume that another's truths and reality are your truths and reality.

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