As I reflect on the week that was, I can’t help but remember how many times a fear of god and not understanding spirituality came up. My own belief is that to have any real contented success in life, you need a “spiritual”, not necessarily a religious, foundation.

Why do many of us want to fight a simple concept like we are all spiritual beings in a human body, and that as an individual, we don’t give meaning and purpose to life?

I am blessed to have so many people recovering “life” cross my path each week. I have many friends with very deep beliefs in a religion of their choice. Keeps life interesting. For my friends who have a religion- and I include Christianity in that- I am pleased for them if it gives them a foundation for living. Ultimately I honestly believe there is only one god, and what god is to an individual is terrific IF their belief gives them strength and direction. There is no right, there is no wrong; there just is!

Over to my book writing friend Mr. Webster. In his big book that is by my side, he tells me spirituality is a noun that means “attachment to all that concerns the life of the soul; the quality of being spiritual. So over to what he says about spiritual- an adjective concerned with or relating to the soul or spirit. Now spirit, Mr. W says it is another noun, the intelligent or immaterial part of man as distinguished from the body; the animated or vital principle in living things. No where in this little read did Mr. Webster say god! Oh my goodness.

So my spiritual condition has something to do with the life of my soul, something that is intelligent and apart from my body and it is a vital part of living things. Last time I checked, I was a living thing, so is the plant in my room! I truly can handle the simplicity of this spiritual thing. It is a part of me and is living, and it is present in things living. It is vital. One of the truths I learned in the religion of my upbringing, we all have a soul that is vital and the “spirit” is within each of us. Easy to accept that if I just don’t deny, there is something spiritual within me and that spirituality is part of what and who I am.

Funny, nothing I have read tells me I am god (even tough at times I was asked if I thought I was). I accept that there something bigger in this world than me, it has dwelled within forever (my soul?) and gives me God Orderly Direction when I heed it. It is a higher power than me; I feel its presence and things to go better when I do what I instinctively, deep down, know to be the right thing.

When these dots connected and I quit fighting what to me is a simple truth, I had the start to a conscious spiritual life, I have a spiritual foundation in my life and spirituality was something that was part of living. The concept and awareness continues to grow in my life, and I recognize it more and more in other living things.

As a reasonably intelligent human being, I chose to fight to spiritual and god/higher power thing for a long time. I could deny and support denial with rhetoric and intellectual horse bleep. When I let it happen; it happened. My higher power was alive and well despite my ignoring it and denying.

The Co-Creative Process of LIFE Recovery is based on a spiritual foundation. In creating a life that you want, this foundation will support it and help you gain the strength to make it happen.

These concepts spark an interest and at least cause you to want to talk. See, and let’s set up a time to talk about this and what YOU want out of life for an hour. You may discover that higher power within!

Author's Bio: 

Keith Bray is a spiritual mentor, addiction help, Life and Addiction Coach.