After that first single cell comes alive, every ounce of your baby’s growing body comes from you. The nutrients you eat during pregnancy are your baby’s fuel and those nutrients are your baby’s only building blocks for growth. It all comes from you, Mom. So eat wisely.

Nourish Your Growing Baby

If you are what you eat, and your baby is what you eat, then ask yourself: Do you want your baby to evolve from synthetic, chemical “isolates”, or from an organic whole-food complex rich with a bounty of phytonutrients both of your bodies recognize and accept as food? You are your unborn baby’s sole source of nutrition and growth, so your prenatal nutrition regimen is of vital importance to both you and your baby.

So What Are You Eating?

Many prenatal vitamins are synthetic, chemically produced “isolates” that lack the thousands of beneficial whole-food phytonutrients found in nature. Whereas New Chapter’s Perfect Prenatal multivitamins are an organic, probiotic, whole-food complex, bursting with the wisdom of nature. New Chapter’s nutrients are food so they are recognized by your bodies as wholesome, nourishing food, digested easily and soothing to a pregnant woman’s sensitive GI tract.

Nourish With Whole Food Nutrients

Since it makes sense to get your nourishment from whole food, it also makes sense that a prenatal vitamin ingredient list should look more like an organic garden than a chemistry test. This is why the nutrients in Perfect Prenatal organic multivitamins are cultured in probiotics and literally transformed into a whole-food complex that you and your baby’s bodies thrive on.

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal vitamins are food. In fact, they are an organic, probiotic, cultured whole-food complex of nutrients, alive with the health-giving, whole-food phytonutrients you won’t find in conventional prenatal multivitamins. Since Perfect Prenatal is made of predigested nutrients, it can be taken on an empty stomach, which can be important for pregnant women that experience nausea. In fact, New Chapter has included fermented brown rice to the Perfect Prenatal formula to further help with both digestion and nausea.

Nourish Organically

The purity of organic food makes a big difference. After all, we live in a world overrun with man-made chemicals and toxins – do you really want any of them in your vitamins? And you certainly don’t want them in your baby’s growing body. That’s why Perfect Prenatal vitamins are made with 23 organic ingredients, each with a specific nutritive purpose.

Nourish With Probiotics

Probiotics are the healthy bacteria you and your baby’s bodies need. Probiotics can promote immune protection, help to eliminate toxins, enhance digestion and create a healthy internal environment for the growth of your baby. New Chapter’s Perfect Prenatal multivitamin starts with millions of these beneficial living cells in every serving, cultured in 10 time-tested probiotic strains.

New Chapter’s Council of Midwives were consulted in developing the Perfect Prenatal Organic vitamin formula. Perfect Prenatal is formulated not only with the nutritional needs of the mother and baby in mind, but also to help the expecting mother with issues that commonly arise during pregnancy, including nausea, indigestion, constipation, fatigue and stress.

Address Your Nausea, Indigestion & Constipation Naturally

Nausea, indigestion and constipation are common issues for pregnant women, and many think there’s not much they can do about it. But there are certain foods and herbs that can help. For example, organic ginger and honey which is expertly blended in New Chapter’s Ginger Honey Tonic is clinically shown to safely reduce nausea in pregnancy. Highly concentrated cruciferous sprouts, like the Broccolive Plus by New Chapter, activates detoxification enzymes and supports immune functioning.

Defend Against Fatigue & Stress Naturally

Fatigue and stress, both emotional and physical, are other major issues for pregnant women. New Chapter's Perfect Prenatal multivitamin contains the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) rated fruits including blackberry, blueberry, prune and raisin antioxidant concentrates. These fruits, together with 17 vegetable, herbal and superfood concentrates, promote vitality and cell protection.

Perfect Prenatal vitamins also delivers 23 different easily digested, energizing and protective probiotic vitamins and minerals as well as 13 stress-balancing and free radical scavenging botanicals cultured for maximum effectiveness. Lavender and lemon balm have been revered for their soothing properties while other antioxidative herbs like peppermint, clove, and rose hips provide key health benefits that support and sustain.

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