To efficiently achieve goals which you want to set, and enjoy the process, let's look at some smart steps to be taken.

1. FOCUS your innate creativity on one, two or three well-defined goals. If they are clearly in view, keep revising as necessary until you get there.

2. IDENTIFY your purpose, based on your experience of joy and accomplishment in the past and the values you hold dear. Then, tune in to ideas, cues and resources which align with this purpose.

3. CHALLENGE yourself with a time-line to generate the appropriate energy which you need to match the tasks at hand.

4. AIM not to DO or HAVE but to BECOME, in order to attract what you want and support the achievement of your goals.

5. Make your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT a real habit to avoid a inequitable relationship between what you are after and who you are. The ratio must be right or you will ultimately sabotage your efforts, due to disequilibrium.

6. WORK ON what you feel you are capable of, on what you feel you are worthy of, rather than on the actual material results you are anticipating. The material results will evolve in proportion to the advancing YOU.

7. MEASURE where you are. We attract WHO WE ARE! Despite the purpose you have in mind and the goals you set, you will only be met by WHERE YOU ARE, in terms of skills, attitudes, philosophy, mindset and motives.

8. Next, your ACTIONS have to reflect a high level of accountability, commitment and sustained discipline, so see how well you are doing in this respect as you proceed.

9. BE on fire for what you are going after. Keep your interest, intentions, emotions current and alive by taking consistent action.

10. CREATE MOMENTUM by scheduling some action within set time slots in relation to your goals, e.g. within 48 hours, within 10 days.

If you bear these in mind and remind yourself of them when you forget, you will find dormant potential awakened and your dreams becoming reality. If you need support, seek it wisely.

The result: your new life and lifestyle will call attention to itself since you are moving toward GREATNESS. The best thing about following these smart pointers is that others also see what is possible. Your creative intentions set examples for others and the world is changed, one person at a time.

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Author's Bio:
Certified Life Transitions Coach
Tele-Class Facilitator and Group Strategist