I heard a story about this bridge that is very, very long.
On this side, many people (in the thousands or even more!) are standing; they are thinking about crossing but, apparently, not many people make it.
It seems that the problem is that the bridge is so long that only the ones with the ...I heard a story about this bridge that is very, very long.
On this side, many people (in the thousands or even more!) are standing; they are thinking about crossing but, apparently, not many people make it.
It seems that the problem is that the bridge is so long that only the ones with the strongest vision can see a little light that it is said shines at the other end.
But the bridge is rather narrow and people tend to start walking carrying great loads of baggage because they are not sure what it is that they will need in the journey to the other side. So all those big bags and suitcases don’t quite fit and people find that, after walking for a while in the bridge, they just have to either drop their bags and pick up only the essentials, or give them to the people who are sitting or lying by the sides, or they don’t really care… because the fact is that it is more painful to carry all this weight than just leave it behind.

The people I mention sitting or lying down on the sides of this bridge seem to be so tired that have lost their will to continue and so they seem to be stuck and don’t seem to be able to move forwards or backwards. And this sounds very daunting for those who haven’t started the journey but who think they would like to.
The river under this bridge is huge and the water is pretty dark (I wouldn’t fancy a swim there, I can tell you!). There are lots of strange animals and creatures and they seem rather threatening, so people are rather scared to fall. But I heard that the secret is not to look down, only towards the dim light at the other end.
Another problem is that the weather is rather rough in this bridge so the wind seems stronger and the rain feels colder. There are special clothes that you can have that are light and warm and that can help you with this kind of trouble but apparently you can only get them once you are quite a way down the bridge and, of course, not many people have got there! And you can only get one per person, so for those who were thinking of making money out of this, it is not good news.
Every so many miles, there is a little water post on each side of the bridge. They say the person (or being!) inside each post seems to have a very “angelical” face (quote) and that the water not just quenches the thirst but seems to give you a special strength to continue walking. Apparently, when you drink it, it is something like (for what I have heard) “what seemed dark now seems clear and what seemed heavy now seems light”. I would really like to get a bottle of this water. It seems quite a handy product to have!

Anyway, about two thirds down this bridge there seems to be a very big dark cloud and you truly have to force you eyes to see the light on the other side. It seems to be quite a strange weather phenomenon and it doesn’t happen in any other place in the world. What was explained to me is that the contrast of the light of the other side and the darkness on this side is such a clash that the energies swirl and raise a lot of dust mixed with water.

Then, the very strong winds create a motion that makes the bridge very instable (or it seems that way because the floor moves and every time you give a step you don’t know where your foot will end up!). So if you really want to cross this heavy weather front, you need to have at least the following two items (and apparently if you haven’t acquired them by the time you get there, you won’t be able to cross it!) – a small drop-bottle of faith (you need to put one or two drops of this potion on your tongue and it creates some kind of protection around you) and a small self-love blanket (I think that you need to cover yourself with it because the material that it is made of can guard off all these weather heavy patterns and makes you feel very safe).
But the most curious thing about this bridge comes after this weather front (I was lucky to hear this because apparently very few people come anywhere near to cross it!). In fact, I should say that everyone who crosses this treacherous point admits that all of a sudden everything seems to get easier: the bridge slopes downwards and the pace gets faster, you don’t feel tired any more and the light at the end seems to shine much brighter; there are lots of water posts and friendly guards that help you with anything you need; there are no people lying on the sides because they are all cheered until they finish crossing this part of the bridge, and other things like that.

Also very strange is that when you do make it to the end, somebody must have told the people there that you were coming because there are two big automatic doors (they must be very technologically advanced) and a big neon sign with your name on it saying “Welcome, Ana, to Your Bigger Life” (I used my name as an example – I don’t think this is exactly what the sign says but something along these lines). Maybe the place at the end of the bridge is called “Your Bigger Life”! But the fact is that people gather when you come in and clap and cheer and seem to be very happy that you are there. Funny some people, aren’t they?
Apparently, these people dress very neatly and look very healthy (I hear it is something to do with Self-care and Self-respect. Don’t quote me on this because I don’t truly know what this means, but apparently it takes years off you!); they seem to smile all the time and seem to help each other – competing is not something that they enjoy doing very much and when you try to do this activity, there are beautiful beings that explain to you that you are unique (or something like this) so there is no need for it.

But the thing that impressed me most of all when I heard the story about the bridge was that, whenever a new person crosses the big doors, the light in the lighthouse (this is the light that you can see from the other end) becomes “100 times brighter” and every time this happens, more people on the other side “hear the call” (I don’t know what it is that they are calling, but this is how they said it!) and feel stronger and happier to start crossing the bridge.
But maybe all this is not true because the person I heard this from may not have been “all there”; you know, he (or she? I am not even sure!) said something that “you can only hear this call with your heart”.

No idea what s/he is talking about.

Do you?

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Ana Garcia has a master’s degree in Education and Languages and a Bachelor’s in Metaphysical Sciences, part of her current PhD candidacy. She is a Coach U CTP graduated Life and Business Coach and has a management qualification with the British Institute of Management.
Ana is a Reiki Master and a Spiritual Mentor. She has studied the Metamorphic Technique Universal Principles with its founder, Gaston St. Pierre and holds qualifications in Character Analysis and Graphology with the British School of Yoga and Nutrition with the School of Natural Health Sciences (UK).
In 2007, Ana was awarded CTM (Toastmasters Competent Communicator Certificate) and she is currently working on her advance manuals pursuing her dream of becoming a motivational speaker. She is the Vice-president of Education of the Peninsula Toastmasters Chapter in Cape Town.
Ana is a freelance writer: she regularly contributes to magazines such as Vibrations, Odyssey and Renaissance, and to several Ezines. Her Animal Strategy series are currently being published in the Renaissance magazine since 2007.
Ana’s passion is to inspire others to claim their own power, clarify their dreams and create strategies to succeed.