I sat there stunned, looking down at my foot dangling from my leg, bent and broken, twisted and grotesque. It looked like a doll's foot or a horses hoof. How could this have happened! my mind screamed. My foot just slipped on gravel! I sat there fighting the fear and the nausea. It was all I could do to try and stay focused on the rescue squad that I prayed was on its way.

My family and I decided to take a leisurely hike up Mt. Major , to get away from the stress that had overtaken the family for the past few weeks. My husband's job had just unexpectedly closed down and my work load had tripled. I intuitively knew I was taking on far too much work but didn't want to stop myself. I have always loved nature and find peace and solace there but had not recently done anything for myself—I needed a break, needed to de-stress.

I try to practice what I preach but got off my path. As a health professional working in the holistic field, I have spent years helping people who've suffered severe emotional trauma put their lives back together and reach their ultimate potential in life. I was certainly not used to having the “shoe on the other foot,” so to speak. I usually help people rescue them-selves . I'm traditionally not the one needing rescuing.

Somehow in the chaos my husband's leg got lodged under my own and supported my foot while I sat there waiting for help to arrive. As long as he remained in that position, I could handle it. If he moved, pain would sear through my body. My little shih tzu, Booda, cocked her head in concern at my tears. My husband and I both knew by the look of my foot the seriousness of this injury, and my husband stayed with me after sending my fearful family and pets back down the mountain to wait.

At the last minute before we left that morning my husband grabbed the cell phone. We were lucky that we had reception to place our distress call to 911. We waited for hours, doing Reiki. I focused on my breathing and tried to concentrate on everything around me instead of the excruciating pain that threatened to engulf my whole body.

I have been teaching the “law of attraction” for years to my clients and students. I know how thought creates emotion that creates energy, and how that energy goes out and attracts more of what one focuses on. So I remained obsessed with thoughts like there is a great learning experience from this and I am protected and safe at all times , but mostly things are not what they appear . It took every amount of energy my body and mind had, to stay focused on what I wanted to attract instead of allowing my fears to overtake me. Strangely, however, a sense of peace eventually did wash through me. My senses became heightened and colors appeared brighter. I somehow felt protected and not at all alone. I actually heard a voice in my ear say “you are fine, all is well.”

Emergency crews from three different towns arrived. They brought all terrain vehicles, but it was too high and too steep for them to reach me. They formed a seat interlocking their arms and carried me down to a point where I could be carefully placed on a stretcher. The stretcher bearers brought me down to the highest point the all terrain vehicles could achieve. An ATV brought me down to the ambulance. A few more feet up, I was told, I would have had to be rescued by helicopter. My mind quickly went to gratitude, knowing how intensely I fear heights! It took 8 ½ hours in all from my injury to surgery.

I arrived home two days later and received the very disturbing news that my husband's insurance expired three days prior to the accident. Trying to keep my husband calm, keep peace in a household that was out of control, took all my inner-strength. I would not allow these “appearances” to fool me.

I was home for three days when I received a phone call from a friend who has already had tremendous success in the networking industry, telling me of a wonderful MLM opportunity that showed tremendous promise for immediate success. Something clicked. It felt right, and I jumped aboard. This new business opportunity was a great distraction from my foot, and so I propped myself up in bed, disregarded the heavy weight of my cast, placed laptop between feet, paper work and phone beside me—and went to work.

In just eight short weeks I have built a successful MLM business. I currently sponsor 37 people, and together we've sponsored people all over the world. I've reached the second highest title in just three weeks with the company and earn a great weekly income—not bad for someone with no prior networking experience.

Breaking my ankle in half has shown me that I don't always have to play the part of the rescuer, that I deserve to take time off regularly and should stay focused on what I love to do: teach others how to heal and become successful. Put simply, now I have an actual MLM-vehicle for establishing success.

There is no other business like MLM because it creates immense self growth.It has provided me with an opportunity beyond what any other company would have allowed. It goes to show you, when you focus on what you want and deserve in life, opportunities are always there for anyone to take action and create the life of their dreams.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Erika Duffy is a successful entrepreneur in a wonderful MLM company, motivational teacher, radio talk show host and co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra.She is a Spririt Regression Therapist trained by Dr. Michael Newton, author of "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls" while being a certified Holistic Counselor/Life Coach teaching all how to let go of old beliefs that create self sabotage and trains everyone how to use their strengths to create great wealth, health and love. For more information log onto www.erikaduffy.com or call 603-497-4693.