I have often been asked to give an explaination of a technique that I personally use and have integrated in some of the healing modalities which I offer and teach, such as AtMu-Ra Reiki™, Harmonic Infusion™ and Energetic Tattooing™

The Method

In short, this technique - AtMu-Ra™ can best be defined as an energy inner discipline which promotes healing, wholeness and well-being. AtMu-Ra™ consists of three basic components: 1. Alternate Thought, 2. Primal Vision and 3. Vital Connection

1. Alternate Thought

Today, more than ever before, we are learning about the power of our minds and the importance of thinking wholesome thoughts.

AtMu-Ra™ encourages us to think “outside the box”, by asking that we embrace the following Five Acknowledgements:

1.Life Force Energy is the healing substance of all things which exist.

2.The Earth is our Sacred Mother. She sustains life and health in all Her children, and should be revered and respected.

3.There is a connection between humandkind, the four elements of nature, as well as the mineral, plant and animal families. All were made to co-exist within a harmonic balance, and to be respected for the healing and wisdom which they offer.

4.Every human culture is believed to have had an earlier period when people lived in oneness with all living things.

5.Within each of us is a Divine Enabler, whom when awakened to and engaged, will reconnect us to the oneness of the universe.

When such an “other-dimensional realm” has been established and traveled consistantly in the mind, the ability to heal, and to be healed increases.

2. Primal Vision

The ability to see what normally cannot be seen, and to know what generally is not known; falls within the area psychic activity, which is governed by the Brow Chakra – Ajna Region or what is commonly called “The Third Eye”.

AtMu-Ra™ refers to this as “The First Eye” or Primal Vision because it is a sensory resource that our inner selves regard with great importance.

Although all of us have this ability, it is found in varying degrees due to many factors. AtMu-Ra™ encourages each us to develop these intuitive gifts for our continued growth and service using the following contemplative tool:

The AtMu-Ra™ Vision

“Looking beyond what appears to be,
to that which actually is.

Seeing beyond what is,
to that which can be.”

Dedicated use of this resource enables one to pierce the veil of the generally accepted and explore the realm of possibilities. It is very useful in cellular and trans-dimensional healing.

3. Vital Connection

As energy beings, its extremely important that we stay connected to an ever flowing source of abundant life force. We can serve neither ourselves or others when our energy has deminished, or been depleted.

Divine Energy from the Cosmos resides within us, and is replentished daily through our higher chakras. Earth Energy is no less important than Celestial or Cosmic Energy. As stated in the “second acknowledgement” above, we are the children of Mother Gaia – Her life force runs through us, and sustains us everyday through our lower chakras.

AtMu-Ra™ informs us to be aware – that by nature we bridge the energies of heaven and earth; and by our will, we are able to draw simultaneously from each to be used for sustenance, healing and well-being.

Origin and Name

AtMu-Ra™ was originally revealed during a meditation and contemplation session to Dr. Bill Pinder, a Usui Reiki Master of the lineage of Iris Ishikuro and Barber Weber Ray, in Spring 1999 to be used as a vital component in presenting and teaching Reiki. It has continued to develop progressively since then.

AtMu-Ra™ (pronounced ot'-moo-rah) honors the ancient and indigenous traditions of energy healing. It is a kemetic term meaning, “divine light of the eternal soul.” It also has roots in Sanskrit.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Bill Pinder is an Inner Growth Consultant specializing in Energy Renewal. He's a Vibrational Energy Specialist, Metaphysician, Mystic, Certifiied Reflexologist, Reiki and Karuna Ki Master/Teacher with emphasis on Earth Energy healing modalities. He has a professional practice in Sandy Springs, Ga. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Dr. Tonya K. Freeman. Together they are Co-Founders of MOSA Radio Network: “Food For The Inner You” on the internet at www.mosaradio.net - Dr Bill may be contacted by email at bpinder@dr.com or by phone at: 404.587.7439.