Does panic work? Does panic help anyone? Does panic solve anything?

How about fear? What good does fear do for anyone? Does fear solve anything?

Take a look at the recession. It started off as one small thing and ended up a big thing.

In a few short months it morphed from an economic downturn into a full blown crash.

What is the common denominator between the crash and the flu?

Panic and fear. Sum it up. Hysteria. Mass hysteria.

Right now, there is a relatively small number flu cases. The news media is in a delerious feeding frenzy. They can't get enough. They're blowing it into as big a story as they can make it.

Meantime fear and panic are spreading.

How about you? How are you going to handle it?

The news media wants to decide for you about this flu and how you should respond to it. They want you to panic. That works for them. The bigger it gets the better they like it. It's a story that sells. It has legs.

You can decide. You can decide to respond in a different way. You can decide you do not have to buy into it.

You can decide you do not have to watch and read about it. You can decide you do not have to talk about it. You can decide you do not have to think about it. And, you can decide you certainly do not have to worry about it. Worry never solved anything.

You can decide not to panic and not to be run by fear.

You know about the Law of Attraction. What you hold in mind is what you get.

The multitudes holding in mind the flu and catastrophe are making themselves very vulnerable. They are fueling thoughts and imaginings about the flu with fear and panic.

They are waiting for the flu to whack them just like people who panicked about the economy were waiting for financial trouble to bowl them over.

Lester Levenson, founder of the Release Technique, said, "Hold in mind what you want and that is what you will get."

People glued to the tube, secretly fascinated by this flu panic, are holding in mind what they don't want. People wearing masks with alerts on their cell phone for the latest update are holding in mind what they don't want.

It is your decision. We're not talking about ignoring it or acting like it doesn't exist. That doesn't work either. That's holding the flu in mind and acting like you're not.

We're talking about you deciding, I am bigger than this media frenzy. I am bigger than this flu panic. I am much bigger than fear and hysteria.

Your ego doesn't like that. It wants you frightened. Get much bigger than your ego and tell it to take a walk and get lost you don't need it anymore.

Hold in mind what you want. Allow yourself to be healthy and imperturbable. Hold in mind good health and that is what you will be getting all the time.

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