Hands on healing or energy healing are natural therapies which promote relaxation and speeds healing. By promoting the relaxation response, our bodies are better able to heal.

These techniques help to remove congested or blocked energy in the body. When the energy is not flowing because of unresolved physical or emotional, mental or spiritual reasons, this causes stagnant energy flow. Energy healing methods re-pattern the energetic makeup of the body so that the body is better able to cope with whatever is going on. Often called Alternative Medicine, the more appropriate term would be complimentary medicine or therapy as it compliments whatever therapy a person is doing and does not interfere with it.

Research has shown that there is an energy field around all matter. Think about the times that you enter a room and can tell if there is any tension in the room. Also, do you notice when someone walks into a room and you "sense their presence" before you actually see them? What you are experiencing is their energy field.

Energy based techniques work with the energy fields,helping to balance the body on all levels-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. These therapies address the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Energy healing helps your body to self heal by re-aligning the energy flow through out your body, helping your body to regulate itself.

Your body is always trying to get back to a balanced state, but sometimes we get in the way.

Pain is one way to get our attention. Start listening to your body signals.

Energy therapies can also be considered preventative, as congested energy can be cleansed and balanced before it gets into the physical body, producing symptoms or problems.

For some people suffering with symptoms of PTSD, chronic stress, abuse, trauma, illness or accidents, the emotions of anger and fear are held in our bodies in our emotional brain...energetic trauma release techniques can help to release those "emotional triggers" and re pattern the brain with peace and calm. Sue offers classes to help dealing with these symptoms, getting to the root cause.

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Author's Bio: 

Sue became involved with Healing Touch in 1998 and received her certification as a Healing Touch practitioner in 2002. She is also a Certified Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, a Reiki Practitioner, and a Quantum Touch Practitioner. She uses energy-based therapies for trauma release work with success for people suffering with PTSD or for anyone who has had a traumatic experience in their lives. She has been a guest speaker for numerous organizations, as well as presenting at state conferences. Sue has written articles on energy work for alternative and complementary newsletters and online publications.

She has developed material and has been a trainer for education classes for child care, stress management seminars and subtle body energy workshops. She has been able to integrate energy based therapies into local hospital’s operating and recovery rooms as well as providing these therapies to newborn babies at a local hospital. As a volunteer at health fairs and cancer survivor retreats offering energy based therapies, Sue has gained experience in dealing with a variety of health challenges.

Sue teaches Care for Self and Subtle Body Energy classes at a local career College and has helped conduct workshops with local hospitals and hospice for caregivers. She is in private practice in Louisiana. She is available for distant healing sessions.

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