The fourth chakra, namely the heart chakra called Anahata in Sanskrit, is located on the second vertebra where another muscle rigidity gives the shoulders their first slouch.

What makes us slouch our shoulders?

Mental Hurry!


If you are ambitious, you will certainly be in a mental hurry to fulfill your ambition/s.
You do want to enjoy your life unconditionally, but only after fulfilling your ambition/s.

The earlier the better!

Your shoulders tend to push you forward, generating a forward slouch in them narrowing the chest and, in the process, heart also.
You are no more a big-hearted person.
All others around you are your competitors.
You see them as your potential enemies.
Even your slouching shoulders give you a defensive stance against a stranger.
You keep craving for love from others.

You want to be number 1!

Success becomes your reason to live.
And the society further reinforces this concept in your mind.
You go on alienating yourself from the world around.
You go buried inside your own shell - your own little, petty self!
You turn into a lonely soul craving hard to be loved by everyone around or even in the remotest corner of the world!

You wish to be rich.

You wish to be famous.

The rich and the famous!

Is this not that the whole world is craving for, today?

We are living in a world full of enemies around, each one of us searching for friends who are nothing but illusions even when we feel we have got a few of them!
The moment one's self-oriented motifs clash with those of even the closest friends, one does not hesitate stabbing them in their back.

We are insecure.

We want to keep our armor intact.

Our muscular armor does that for us.


Our slouching shoulders keep our muscular armor ever ready for any eventuality that is ever there (that is never there! ...ha, ha, ha...!).

We live, not our life, but a hell!

Anahata (the heart chakra) gets established!

Now, compare this description of Anahata (the heart chakra) with my personal experience of opening it while working with a lady whose upper chakras starting from Anahata upward were affected more than her lower ones, i.e., Muladhara, Svadhisthana, and Manipura:

After the episode of the physiotherapist, with whom I had worked on all the chakras together, was over; it once again happened so, after a few days only, that during my visit to another city in connection with my therapeutic work there came an unbelievably courageous woman to me seeking for my intervention in her psychological world in order to clarify it to her own self.

She had her eyebrows exceptionally raised at their outer edges, though not so at the inner ones!

She narrated her psychological conflicts to me.
I told her she was holding something within.
She said she was ready to open herself up but did not know how.
I asked her to open her shoulders in a particular way, which she did.
Her Anahata was rendered un-contracted.
It also rendered her Manipura un-contracted, though partially only.

She went restless.

I asked her which point of her body was touching the chair most centrally that she was sitting on.
She said it were hips before, but now it had changed to be the back portion of her pelvis.
Her hips had also protruded backwards a little.
I asked her if it did not remind her of the PULL part of the sexual intercourse.

She said it did.

I asked her to maintain this posture for a couple days before we could proceed further with our intervention of the body in the affairs of mind.

She came back with the complaint that she was feeling she had partially gone undressed while maintaining her shoulders open.

"Anahata does this to us. Vishuddha will do it even more. Are you ready for the next step?" - I asked her.

She paused for a few seconds.

During her pause, she was maintaining her shoulders wide open; which gave her bust a beautiful body-lift though it was still a partial one.

She was looking straight into my eyes.
She took care not to let her shoulders go squeezed again.
And then she said - "Yes, I am ready."
From Anahata we were to go to Vishuddha next.

Does this story not give the same description as of the heart chakra in a more day-to-day language?

Energy gets trapped in Anahata (the heart chakra), and is stopped from closing the loop.

Opening Anahata (the heart chakra) entails undoing the unconscious habit of keeping the second vertebra contracted, not as an exercise but as a way of life.

Vision therapy not only opens Anahata (the heart chakra) but all the 7 chakras through a very subtle on-off switch in the body in one single go, since they are all connected anatomically as well as physiologically.

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By qualification, G B Singh is an electronics engineer, passionate to change the quality of life on earth.

He has decided to train people, free of charge, in the procedure of instant vision correction through opening their third eye instantaneously.

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