Imagine for a moment that you come in three layers. (Actually, the human has five main layers, but three will do for clarity’s sake.) Picture a pyramid, point up, divided into three horizontal bands. In order of frequency/vibration (highest to lowest) we find Spirit at the top, Soul in the middle, and Body at the bottom. The Spirit is your God connection, the reflection of divine intelligence. It has an overview of the evolutionary process, e.g., what a person is here to accomplish in a given lifetime. The Soul is the psyche or psychology: what you think, feel, believe and desire. The conscious and unconscious minds live here. The Physical contains the body and any part of life we can see, hear or feel including work, finances, etc.

Human energy works according to natural or universal law: higher vibrations flow through and affect the lower vibrations, but lower vibrations cannot influence higher vibrations, other than equalizing higher vibrations down to their lower level. As the diagram shows, we are designed so that Spirit directs the Soul, and the Soul directs the Physical. Spirit, the light within, tells us what to think, feel, believe and desire; the resulting Soul or psychological patterns then create/attract our physical conditions, such as health, work, household or money.

Someone like Sai Baba is very clean and clear at the Soul level: his thoughts, desires, and feelings are directed 100% by his Spirit. As a result, he is able to send spiritual energy and direction straight through his Soul into physical manifestation. Millions of people have witnessed Sai Baba’s creation of malas, sacred ash, holy medals, and other physical objects from his empty palms. The sidhes, or powers of the yogis and sages, have the same energetic basis.

Most people, sad to say, are so blocked at the soul level that it’s a wonder they can even make a living, much less create prosperity and abundance. As we live through years of contact with the unaligned thoughts, feelings, beliefs and desires of others (singly or as mass consciousness), we tend to lose the clear path of Spirit in our lives. Our friends, families and fellow-workers don’t mean us harm – on the contrary – yet their constricted beliefs and unresolved issues may lower our rate of vibration and prevent our Spirits from having the impact on our Souls that they were designed to have. This soul-level clutter then creates mediocre physical creation in which we limp along wondering why we feel such pain and hopelessness and distance from God.

The true aim of energy-based healing (such as Human Energy Science) is to clear out these contaminations and imprints at the soul level, so that Spirit can shine down into the physical, and up into full connection with God (or divine intelligence, if you prefer). These tools are designed to reconnect you with your divine blueprint. As the energy blocks are cleared, the energy system rapidly “snaps back” into its natural shape, in line with Hippocrates’ basic principle that the physical body will always attempt to regain healthy balance.

“Know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. A lot of this work is about identifying WHERE the problem is, WHAT the issue is, and WHO brought it into your system. In 75% of all contaminations, simply answering those questions will clear the issue. For the remaining 25%, there are various Geotran™ programs that will clear the issue on a technical level. Geotran, the digital, geometric language of creation, works directly in the bio-magnetic field to “re-write” programming glitches and contaminations.

So the first step in clearing these soul level issues to figure out where the problem is affecting your system. Look again at the point up pyramid that represents the human system, and add a reflected image above, pointing down; this represents your God self, and it also has three main layers. In the point-down pyramid, the God Physical is on top, the divine soul/psyche is in the middle, and the God Spirit (or Holy Spirit) on the bottom. The point-up pyramid touches the point-down pyramid at the Point of Excellence.

When the two pyramids are in perfect alignment, they slide together to form a Star of David, symbolizing the union of Man with God and God with Man. There are 72 point up pyramids and 72 point down pyramids; all 144 need to be lined up for this union of the human and divine selves to take place.

With Human Energy Science we leave alone all the parts that are working well. We only look for the facets or programs that are out of alignment. In the pyramids, we look at which level is “out”, point up or point down.

There are many other levels and locations in the human system. Dorothy Espiau, creator of Geotran™, says that we each have 144,000 facets or dimensions, and every one of them has to be switched on for us to be fully alive. Other places to look include the four bio-computers (of light, life, love and bliss), each of which has four corners representing different aspects of God. We can also look in the Mighty I AM Presence, with its seven souls, each with a different purpose. Or perhaps the problem is in the “inners”, which are interior beings inside every person.

Human beings are very complex systems, and it requires a combination of knowledge, logic and insight to figure out what part may be affected. Fortunately, we each have a logic-based left brain and an intuitive right brain; when both sides are working in balance, it’s amazing what we can do. God has a gestalt mind, and being made in God’s image, we each have the capacity to be co-creators in a divine universe. All we need is to get back into alignment, and let our natural programming take over!

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Kyre Adept, Phd, is a certified Geotran practitioner/instructor, writer, chef, and founder of the Church of Chocolate. Her practice Human Energy Science is based in Santa Barbara, CA. To find out what Human Energy Science can do for you, contact Dr. Kyre Adept at, or 805.440.5573.