Being present and staying in the moment is a key for success. I’ve done my best to stay present, but was humbled by someone during a coaching session the other day – a dog I’ll call Sparky. My client asked for information about Sparky who was ill. During the session I was able to connect with Sparky and learned some remarkable lessons about life as a dog.

First of all, I looked at Sparky and saw a lovely, sweet and caring being. His mission in life (which may be similar to all dogs) was to love and support his masters. And Sparky was a master at this. He loved my client unconditionally and completely. His happiness was replete when she was happy. His world revolved around her.

I saw that dogs respond to people in the moment. When we’re upset, a dog picks up these vibrations and is also upset. The dog doesn’t take it personally. He doesn’t think, “I should be selfish/controlling/argumentative . . . “ The dog just knows we’re upset and this is terribly troubling. The dog will do its best to help us to be happy, and won’t take responsibility for our unhappiness. It will even back off if it senses that we need space.

Dogs don’t hold grudges. If we hurt the dog physically it will shy away from us out of fear for its survival. But, it won’t dislike us. Dogs don’t think, “He needs to work through those anger issues.” Dogs don’t judge us at all. We can be angry and the dog will continue to love us. The dog doesn’t want to change us (OK, maybe it dreams about walks or drives with the top down.) Dogs accept us for who and what we are. We can tell your deepest secret to a dog and feel safe. Not only will the dog not tell anyone, it will forget it as soon as we change the subject.

Dogs live in present time. When we talk to your dog it listens. It might not understand, but rest assured, the dog is not daydreaming about eating a steak. The dog is there with us totally.

I fell in love with Sparky that day. He was a sweet, playful, joyful and light being, with a loving perkiness and caring nature. My new guru became a dog named Sparky. I vowed from that day on to act more like him – present, loving, non-judgmental, forgiving and happy to serve. I know he’s happy and painless now, spreading his light from another plane.

Copyright 2007 Deborah Hill

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Deborah Hill, MSN. As an experienced practitioner of more than nineteen years, Deborah Hill brings an extra dimension to coaching and speaking. One that has made it easier for her clients to meet the stresses of managing their life and careers – while achieving fulfillment as parents, lovers, caregivers, neighbors and friends. Her uncommon gifts of intuitive insight and interpersonal communications have changed people’s lives, relationships and businesses.

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