In May 2006 the journal Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy published a research study that proves there is a way to permanently eliminate the fear of public speaking.

This research paper described how 36 people who had a fear of public speaking were divided into two groups to test the effectiveness of a fear elimination procedure called The Lefkoe Method.

One group was exposed to The Lefkoe Method.

The other group went to Toastmasters meetings.

After a few hours of exposure to The Lefkoe Method the first group spoke in public and each member of that group reported that their fear had literally disappeared.

The second group spoke in public at the same time and, of course, they had the same level of fear they had before.

However, researchers wanted to be totally sure that The Lefkoe Method produced the results they were witnessing.

So they had the second group go through the steps of The Lefkoe Method.

This group was asked to speak in public again and each participant reported that he or she had no fear of speaking in public.

Of course, by itself, this doesn’t prove that the changes are long lasting.

So researchers followed up with participants in the study two years later. And they found that participants remained fearless when speaking in public.

So Dr. Lee Sechrest, professor of psychology at the University of Arizona, who conducted the study, concluded,

“They had in fact changed. Their fear of public speaking was gone.”

In the past The Lefkoe Method had to be administered by a trained professional to get these results. And time with a trained Lefkoe Method Facilitator could cost nearly $1,000.

Fortunately, Morty Lefkoe, creator of The Lefkoe Method has created an interactive DVD that leads you through this process so that you can eliminate your fear of public speaking on your own.

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Morty Lefkoe, founder of the Lefkoe Institute in Fairfax, CA , is the author of Re-create Your Life: Transforming Yourself and Your World. Using The Lefkoe Method, Morty and his colleagues have helped over 12,000 clients get rid of a variety of behaviors and negative feelings, including the fear of public speaking. For additional information, contact Morty at or visit the web site

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