When I started on the journey to recover a life that was happy, joyous and free, and life filled with hope and serenity, I quickly learned the power of “WE”.
While addictions were active in my life at the time, they were not the problem that stopped me from achieving the life I wanted. They were a solution to escaping the “less than” and “underachiever” feelings that were within; feelings I could not identify or share.
From the 12 Steps and being in 12 Step programs, I have learned a lot. I have also learned to get the coaching and other professional help in need when I need it. I remain rock solid in my belief and application of the principles of the 12 steps and their power, and make no bones that I draw on learning and readings when I coach people who are not dealing with addictions (and this is the majority of my clientele).
The following struck me between the eyes, and I think all can relate.
“More important, I came to believe that I cannot do this alone. From childhood, despite the love I experienced, I had never let people, even those closest to me, inside my life. All my life I had lived the deepest of lies, not sharing with anyone my true thoughts and feelings. I thought I had a direct line to God, and I built a wall of distrust around myself. In AA I faced the pervasive "we" of the Twelve Steps and gradually realized that I can separate and protect my sobriety from outside hazards only inasmuch as I rely on the sober experience of other AA members and share their journey through the steps to recovery.”
As a coach, I am part of the “WE” that is available. Want to get away from those untruths and not sharing feelings? Get a “WE” in your life ASAP!

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Certified Life Coach, Business Consultant