The first chakra, namely the root chakra called Muladhara in Sanskrit, is located on the pelvis in between the urethra and the anus where the first muscular rigidity of the body takes its toll on the posture of the hips.

Humanity keeps the pelvis contracted.


Remember playing with your genitals when you were only a few months old?

How will you? No one can.

But everyone does the act!

And every mother immediately stops her kid from doing the act.

The kid, though s/he doesn't yet know the language, gets her message from the tone of her voice.

The tone is threatening.

The kid shudders.

And as s/he shudders, s/he contracts her/his pelvis.

You can yourself verify the same by imagining a shudder and acting it out on your body.

As s/he contracts the pelvis, the instinctual drive to play with the genitals fades away and loses its vividness.

S/he withdraws her/his hand.

The mother is happy and the same is conveyed to the kid through the tone of her voice.

She moves away.

But the instincts can't be tamed so easily.

They strike back!

The kid repeats the act.

The mother sees it again.

The whole story is repeated, not only once, but time and again.

Through repeated contraction of the pelvis out of the insecurity given by the shudder, the kid tends to form an unconscious habit of keeping the pelvis contracted for more often than not.

The body settles down in a contracted pelvis; and the mind, in the fear of the shudder.

The body loses its sexual sensitivity. The mind starts thinking about the pleasure got out of playing with the genitals rather than really getting it here and now.

The root chakra (muladhara) gets established!

Now, compare this description of the root chakra (muladhara) with my personal experience in the episode of passion, while working with a physiotherapist along:

Came session two...

And suspense turned passion!

As we started from our state of heightened suspense, we were taken reeling together into the whirls of a maddening energy, which ultimately landed us onto our pelvic beds.

We were sitting at the center of our pelvic beds - the seat of the root chakra (muladhara).

This center was one single point that was touching our chairs we were sitting in.

Our bodies were in a perfect ready position.

They were almost touching each other.

But not at a single point did they touch the other.

Sitting at the exact center of the pelvic bed was giving our bodies an upward push by an extremely piercing energy of the root chakra (muladhara) that re-postured them (our bodies) in their wildest gesture and turned our wondering suspense into a burning passion.

But we would not touch each other!

Passion ran high.

Every single organ of our bodies had turned into a burning torch of passion.

These torches would not stay passive!

They started playing with their counterparts.

They would come closer, then still closer, and then the closest, and then jump suddenly back only to come closer again!

It turned into a dance - the dance of the root chakra (muladhara).

The dance of passion!

There was a flow in our movements.

It was the coolest thing on earth.

The burning passion was the coolest fire I ever encountered in my life!

There was no emotion in between the two of us.

We were in no hurry to touch each other.

In fact we knew we never would!

We were cool.

That was the condition of our game of passion we were playing with each other!

I asked her if the center of the pelvic bed - the root chakra (muladhara) - was the point of connection between the body and the mind.

Her eyes looked straight into mine.

She did not reply.

"Is it not on the top of the head?" - she spoke out after around 30-40 seconds.

I put my hand on the top of her head.

It was taut.

"And the jaws?" - I touched the alignment between the two jaws of hers.

"These collarbones?" - her fingers were on my collarbones touching my neck on both the sides.

"But then the scapulae?" - I was touching her scapulae beautifully tucked-in into the plainness of her upper back at the two extremities of theirs, the upper and the lower protrusions which was imparting the most beautiful postural shape to her chest as well as to her breasts!

"Feel your plexus!" - she was indicating to the solar plexus raised high and pulled back on the spine.

"Where, in your body, are you feeling your passion centered?" - I asked her looking deep into her eyes.

Her eyes entered into mine, as if they were searching for the answer into them somewhere. Our bodies were positioned half a millimeter apart from each other and we were pondering upon the most basic question of the seat of passion in the human body.

We were walking on the cool fire of hot passion - barefooted, together!

Doesn't this description tell the same story in a more day-to-day language?

Energy gets trapped in the root chakra (muladhara), and is stopped from closing the loop.

Opening the root chakra (muladhara) entails undoing the unconscious habit of keeping the pelvis contracted, not as an exercise but as a way of life.

Vision therapy not only opens the root chakra (muladhara) but all the 7 chakras through a very subtle on-off switch in the body in one single go, since they are all connected anatomically as well as physiologically.

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By qualification, G B Singh is an electronics engineer, passionate to change the quality of life on earth.

He has decided to train people, free of charge, in the procedure of instant vision correction through opening their third eye instantaneously.

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