Is the whole notion of reality creation valid?

I recently heard a some-what famous and successful person on the internet mention that the whole idea of The Secret was nonsense. He also went on to say that positive thinking was nonsense. And he topped it all off by saying that if it worked - why can't a bald man re-grow hair on his head. Ouch.

But interesting.

First we have one side of the argument: The Secret. "We attract what we think of most. Think of something and it will happen."

And then we have the counter argument: "The suffering in the world proves we don't create our own reality - or else everyone would be happy and successful and thin and rich."

Can you see the bigger picture here? Both sides present extreme arguments.

Wanna know why? Because we live in a world based upon the principles of chauvinism. One of those principles states that there must be a SINGULAR AUTHORITY.

Singular authority. That means EITHER we create shiny new cars by thinking about them, OR we live in a world of Newtonian physics. Where one billiard ball strikes another billiard ball which strikes another billiard...

Singular authority says only one answer is correct. And by default every other answer must be wrong. We like that viewpoint of singular authority because it reduces the ambiguity and uncertainty. And we hate uncertainty.

Singular authority provides the illusion that we are somehow in control. Much better to live under a brutal dictator than to risk anarchy... or so we seem to believe.

In truth, life is much more complex than we can ever hope to figure out. But we demand a simple answer.

"If it's not black then it MUST be white!"

"Either I CAN think about something and it happens, or I CAN'T."

There is no room for middle ground. No room for complexity. There MUST be a simple answer. One that requires no evaluation; no contemplation. One that doesn't make me think and feel. Because I'm tired. And life is coming too fast. I don't have time...

When I was younger, I had lots of simple answers. Every young person does. We're supposed to grow up, however, and realize life is an unfathomable mystery.

But all too often, we cling to those simple answers for a very practical reason. We use them as judgments about life.

Judgments freeze.

Freeze what?

Judgments freeze your thoughts and feelings into place.

Why would you want to do that?

Because we all have unpleasant thoughts and painful feelings. And if you form judgments about the way life is; you erroneously believe you've handled and ended your pain.

That's one reason why we're always suckered by someone selling a simple answer. Another reason: we CRAVE certainty in our lives. We've *got* to be certain.

"Make up your mind!"

It's almost a crime to be unsure of ourselves. You're seen as weak - indecisive - wishy-washy - if you're uncertain about life. Better to have the wrong answer than to be unsure.

But uncertainty can be the threshold to paradox and mystery. And there's great power in paradox and mystery. Power we can tap into.

See, it's not a question of whether you create your own reality or not. You can prove to yourself you DO and you can prove to yourself you DON'T. And you can never prove either argument to anyone else. You can only argue about it with others.

What's more real is to step back from the argument and look at your motivation:

Why would I want to believe my version of 'the way it is'? Why do I defend it? Why do I get angry when I hear the opposing viewpoint?

By stepping back you're also stepping away from the simple answer; the adolescent answer. You're stepping into uncertainty. Confusion. Ambiguity.

You're also entering the realm of genius. There was never a genius who ever lived who was always certain. Who never doubted himself and everything around him. (Or her.)

It's like jumping into a pond. You're stirring up all the silt that's resting on the bottom. Things are going to look murky at first. Everything seems uncertain. But only by entering that uncertainty can you tap into the real power.


By exploring your motivation; your driving force; that compels you to believe and defend whichever viewpoint you're believing and defending.

By writing it out. Then stopping to evaluate - to think and feel as an adult - what you've written. Then writing some more. And when you're done, taking the essence into your heart. Allowing the raw power to enter you. By choosing to let it enter you.

Put your current level of understanding out on the table. See the essence of it. Then imagine that essence entering you. Bring it into your heart.

If you do this, it can lift you to a whole new level of understanding. And you'll be one step closer to really knowing the answer:

Do you create your reality, or don't you?

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