The big buzz of late has been about “The Secret.” When the movie was released people excitedly began talking about it as if it was a new discovery. It has impacted the thinking of many people and celebrities such as Oprah have brought people onto their show to discuss it. The world seems more ready to utilize the principle that many of us have known for years – the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is a simple law of the universe – simple in its description yet not so simple to implement. The law of attraction is just this: what you put out you receive back. Another way to say it is what you focus on is what you create. A great example is a boomerang. You throw it out from you and within a short time it comes right back to where you are. So it is with the law of attraction – send it out; get it back.

Our entire universe consists of energy, and the energy is continually moving due to its vibrations. These vibrations are either positive or negative and the current from the vibration of the energy will continually attract the same type energy according to what has been sent forthwith. It works like a magnet. So what this means for us is that whatever vibration – a negative or positive one – we are sending out into these energy currents is being multiplied because we can only attract magnetically what we put out.

When you are continuously focusing on what you feel are “bad” things in your life – lack of money, unhappy relationships, unfulfilling job, not enough time for all you need to do, health issues, boredom, lack of energy – you continually set yourself up for more of the same because the law of the universe is likes attract likes. So it simply means that by keeping your thoughts on what isn’t working as you want it, you actually are creating more of it! Kind of stings, doesn’t it? Perhaps you doubt that you’re actually creating these unpleasant circumstances in your life since they are the opposite of what you want, but in fact you are.

Here’s an example. A man really wants a different job, one that allows him to be creative and happy while giving flexibility. This man is unfulfilled with the job he has. He wants at least as much income as he presently receives, but more would be even better. So this man places the intention of receiving the perfect job. Immediately the universe begins unfolding steps so that this job will appear for this person. Out of the blue, a week later the individual loses his present job. The man goes into a panic, thinking of how he will pay his bills and support his family. Fear takes over and he becomes very stressed. What this person isn’t realizing is that more than likely this is the first step to bring his intention into reality. In order to receive the new it is often required to let go of the old. But the fear creates more of the same and places a block in the energy flow to the man’s desire. The unfolding of the steps is put on hold until the block is removed. So the man says it isn’t working due to lack of trust and begins looking for his own job.

Here’s the other side of the coin. This individual places his intention for the perfect job and for it to come in Divine timing. A week later his job is suddenly terminated. He’s in shock at first, wondering how he’ll pay his bills. But he remembers his intention and decides to surrender the entire situation to the Higher Power (God to me). He finds himself thinking some fear thoughts but immediately begins releasing them and asking for help. Then he begins thanking the Higher Power for listening to his intention and is grateful that the perfect job is on its way. When a new, exciting job appears in a short time, this person simply smiles and says “Thank you” because he knew it was coming; he kept his faith.

That’s what it takes to complete the law of attraction principle – faith. Faith is a belief in something not seen, and that’s what throws most people into a tailspin when their intention is beginning to unfold. Most people need to see evidence in order to believe in something, but faith is in the unseen. What often happens is the fear factor emerges. Doubts surface and sabotaging thoughts creep in to block the flow of the intention. When the person mentioned above panicked about his job loss and remained in fear he stopped the energy flow from his intention that the universe had begun to manifest. What he perceived as something “bad” was actually good – it was the beginning of his desire unfolding. Even though he said the words for what he wanted, his thoughts told a different story.

This is exactly what most people do and why they continually create the opposite of what they want. An intention is placed (a thought or desire), but since they cannot see any of the details working out (getting out of the way and planning no details is a key to the law of attraction working), they allow their thoughts to return to their old programming. This happens in regard to finances so often. More money is desired and the intention is placed for an income increase or a better job. The words have been spoken and the person says he understands the law of attraction. But on some level this person doesn’t believe he deserves much money – perhaps from parental teachings – and it becomes evident with comments he makes such as: “I wish I could buy such and such,” or “It’s really hard to make enough money these days,” or “Some day I hope I can make enough money to do such and such.” In every instance he is saying that he is lacking money, the very thing he wants. So the energy vibration that is put out is negative, one of lack and limitations.

What should he do to attract the money he wants to him? Begin by being grateful for all he presently has and is, from the small to the big. Become grateful for every challenge and lesson, even the job loss, and then watch things unfold in the directions he desires. He must realize that he has enough already yet does deserve to have more. Remember, likes attract likes, so in order to attract abundance and prosperity you must believe on an internal level (heart and soul) that you are already abundant. Head knowledge alone does not work!

Perhaps you yearn for a soulmate. You’ve been looking and praying for so long but nothing is happening. Define what you want in this person and then become those things. In order to attract this person you must be that person. Perhaps you desire a new and exciting job. First become grateful for the job you now have. Know you are blessed for having that job and begin appreciating everything about it. But also ask for a new job with the criteria you desire. If you’re complaining about the job and hate going there every day, you send out negative vibrations that can only bring you more negative experiences.

The secret has been around for a very long time, and has created the life you are now experiencing. If it isn’t what you want you must change your internal programming and shift your thoughts to the good you have and are. Until you do this you’ll continue to experience your present life situations even if an intention was placed of what you really want.

So the secret is – be what you want! Acknowledge and become abundant in your mind and you’ll create it in your life. Believe you deserve all good and the good will find you. Become the person you want to attract as a partner and the person will show up. See yourself in perfect health and the universe will begin bringing you ways to make it happen. What stands in the way of these things finding you is you and your thoughts based from fear. Get out of the drivers seat and allow your desire to flow to you. When your intention is in alignment with your heart’s true desire, it will unfold easily and effortlessly. This takes inner work – realizing your old programming, releasing your fears, placing positive thoughts of the good you deserve in place of the old, consciously working on changing your thoughts, surrendering to the Higher Power your self-sabotaging thoughts and asking for help to overcome, and continually envisioning what you want while being grateful for it before there is any evidence it is on the way to you.

But skeptics will say it doesn’t work and that it can even be dangerous at times. The law of attraction has worked in my life over and over again from the mundane to the phenomenal. Oprah has proven it with her life since she operates from this place. As many have said and I totally agree, if you can see it and believe it, you can achieve it. It is simply your choice!

The law of attraction is working in your life at this very moment. Are you experiencing the life you want or are you creating the opposite? If it isn’t what you truly want then it’s up to you to shift the current so that you receive the desires of your heart.

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Carolyn Porter, D. Div., is passionate about helping individuals understand their inborn power to create the life they truly want and deserve. She is an Inspirational Speaker, Author of multiple books, ebooks and audios, Spiritual Wholeness Coach, Angel Practitioner, and owner of Where Miracles Happen Healing Center. Visit her werbsite at for more information.