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Let’s get serious about love!

Truth is, it’s time to quit pretending that love is so hard to understand. Here’s the bottom line – love is not so nearly as complicated as some would like us to believe.

In our 25 years of research about successful marriage we are continually reminded of the “simplicity of love.” But the reality of love is that so many people refuse to do the simple things required to make love work. We have said over and over again, it’s EASY to fall in love and to BE in love, but making love last takes really hard work.

Being successful in love and life requires the folks who profess to be in love to do the simple things. True love is always about doing the simple things. In fact, love is an accumulation of doing the simple things!

We don’t want to bore you with a prolonged treatise about life and love. What we do want to do is sensitize you as to why the little things are important by sharing with you some simple notions that will help lead to success in love and life. So, here goes.

We know through our years of research about love, that the human touch is a powerful tool. Remember, when you touch someone you love you are engaging in two highly important actions – you are acknowledging their presence and you are saying to them I love you so much I must touch you. Pretty powerful messages don’t you think? And remember, touching is habitual. Touching is habit forming. Touching is powerful. Touching is soothing. To touch another human being in a wonderful way is to say, “I love you.” As a person in love said to us recently, if my wife and I pass each other in our house a hundred times a day, we touch each other a hundred times!

Here is another example of doing something “simple.” Did you ever notice how people in love frequently tell each other how much they love each other? Again, such an expression of love can become habitual. It can be habit forming. It can be learned. Do it today to the one you love. People you love need to hear you tell them you love them. Never assume they know. Tell them!

And here’s a simple one – treat the one you love with respect AT ALL TIMES! Never say disparaging things about the one you love in public. Open doors for them. Praise them. Point our their strengths and NEVER their shortcomings.

Good character is a must in any successful and loving relationship. Never cheat on the one you love. Love does not last when you betray the trust of the one you love. In fact, we would wager that betraying the trust of the one you love is the fastest route we can think of to the dissolution of the relationship – whether physical dissolution or emotional dissolution – or both. Think twice, think three times, think many times, before you take this action, before you take the step that will destroy your relationship forever. For most, there is no turning back from betrayal.

There are many simple things you can do. Simple things for sure. If you profess to be in love you must do the simple things. For example, if you want to be in love for a long time, you need to be protective of your health and that of the one you love. Getting sick and dying has a sure way to end true love. Eat healthy. Get exercise. Live long.

To be successful in love and life requires people “in love” to treat each other with respect, to make joint decisions, to talk about everything and anything, and to NEVER be bored with each other. Fill your love with excitement. Fill your love with variety and spice. To be truly in love is to enjoy life together – to be happy and in love.

Being in love is simple. Doing the simple things required to sustain love – well, that is the difficult part of love. But you know what, if you will just do these things, you have a real chance at sustaining great love and a positive life. Life is too short. Share it with someone. Go be in love, and do the simple things required to make it work.

Love well!

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