When our ego is in balance with our personality, our work (and life) flows. When it isn't, we experience blockage and hampered results. It's not easy to admit that we're getting in our own way, and our willingness to do so can lead to major, positive shifts.

1. You're determined to make things happen a certain way.

2. There's a noticeable absence of feedback from others.

3. The feedback you are receiving is to not do it or try another

4. To give up now feels like defeat. Besides, the other options
aren't appealing or forthcoming.

5. It's costing you (time, money and/or energy) to keep doing it your way but some part of you feels compelled to keep going.

6. Other possibilities are showing up that you wouldn't consider so you disregard them.

7. You feel a certain sense of control or mastery the way it's going now.

8. Other people or things that may ordinarily matter are being

9. You turn down offers of help, believing that help is unnecessary or ineffective.

10. You're not getting the results you hoped for but you don't know how else to do it.
Do the thing that's the hardest to do and is the biggest act of
courage: surrender. Bring in the support of a coach who can help you navigate the waters before you lose your staff, the business, yourself, your family, your life.

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Dr. Miriam Reiss, President of Spirited Marketing™, is a business and executive coach who specializes in helping professionals create work aligned with their needs, values and spirit. Recognized as a Master Coach by the International Coach Federation, she is co-author of the book "Branding and Marketing Mastery." Miriam offers a free coaching consultation to SelfGrowth members responding to this article. Contact Miriam at miriam@spiritedmarketing.com, 206-545-0809, www.spiritedmarketing.com.