When one is abused, they are misused by that which has abused them. They are not treated with the respect and honor they deserve but, instead, are humiliated, disgraced, and depersonalized by one that they loved and trusted with the sacred things in their lives.

One of those sacred things or treasures is one's spirit which is the part of oneself that is given by God to bless another's life. Jesus was the Son of God and, living within Jesus was the Spirit of God, Jesus' Father and, that spirit was unconditional love. Many times Jesus tried to give this gift of unconditional love to the world only to be used, abused and refused leaving His spirit bruised and his heart broken.

Many abuse survivors feel this way as well whereas, they tried to give a gift of unconditional love to someone they trusted would receive it and return it with gratitude but, instead, they took that gift and used it to misuse and depersonalize you. Thus, you are left feeling hurt, broken, crushed, humiliated, hopeless, powerless, alone, abandoned, rejected and fearful.

You have become a wounded lamb like Jesus but, just know this that, Jesus was not left alone and helpless in the cruel and abusive world but, He had a powerful Father who was God who gave Him His power, authority, love, presence, and wisdom as well as the ability to escape his abusers.

So, as the Father God helped Jesus so will He help you for you are a gift that is a wounded lamb who has a Father named God who is ready to deliver you out of that captivity, heal your wounds, restore your spirit and empower you to live the life you were meant to live in freedom. God restores and empowers wounded lambs just like He did His Son Jesus after His brutal crucifixion.

Let God your Father help you rise out of your ashes and give you a future and a hope. Let Him empower you as He did His Son Jesus to be an overcomer and, let Him, as you forgive your captor, be their judge for, vengance is His and not yours.

Let God the Father lead you out of your lions den and firey furnance for, you are a wounded lamb that is a gift of love just like Jesus.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Biancia Tate and, I reside in Lynchburg Virginia with my husband John who is a traumatic brain injury survivor. I am also the founder of the Hope Network, Inc. which provides spiritual support, hope and healing to survivors of trauma and/or crisis. I have an online ministry called the Hope Empowerment Evangelistic Worship Center and I invite you to visit us .