Therapeutic Questions For Quitting Smoking

If you would like to give up smoking then this questionnaire can help. If you answer these questions honestly, they can reveal your subconscious drives as to why you smoke; some of which you may not have even realised! This self exploration can help you understand and control your habit.

How many cigarettes do you smoke each day?

How long have you smoked?

How old were you when you started?

Why did you start?

How did your first cigarette feel?

What benefits do you get out of smoking?

When do you smoke?

When do you have your first cigarette of the day?

Specifically, why do you want to stop?

Have you ever given up before? How did you do it, and for how long?

Why did you start again?

As a non-smoker, what will you be able to do that you cannot right now?

How much do you spend, and what will you do with that money?

Apart from you, who will be most pleased you are a non-smoker?

Have a good think about these. In my experience many people become slightly embarrassed by their habit, and quickly understand how pointless it is. Either way it helps you to consciously appreciate your subconscious drives.

- Jon Rhodes

Author's Bio: 

Jon Rhodes is a popular clinical hypnotherapist from the UK. Please click here for his comprehensive Quit Smoking Hypnosis MP3