Every impossible, no matter how impossible, becomes immediately possible when you are released on it.

Exactly what does this mean? It is simple. We have built up in our lives feelings that say, I can't. Imagine the opposite. Imagine I can.

When we think of imagining, I can, a lot of thoughts and feelings come up. The thoughts and feelings are saying, in one form or another, I cannot, I can't. I'm not smart enough, I don't know enough, I'm not rich enough, I'm too poor, I'm broke, I don't know how, I don't have enough education, I'm too old, I'm too young, I don't know enough people, I'm blocked by people in my life, I'm in the wrong town, I have something wrong with me, I'm too angry.We could go on and on. What are your,I can't, feelings, beliefs?

We, with our mind, set up all these limitations, just a few of which are listed above. All of these limitations say, I can't. We build up these, I can't, thoughts and feelings, all of our lives. People tell us things we accept as true. We go to school. Peers, teachers, books, all of these various sources pass along their impressions of their own limitations. We accept these impressions and adopt the thoughts and feelings of limitation, which all amount to, I can't.

We read books, we watch television and we continue building up thoughts and feelings of limitation. We begin collating all of these impressions we get from all of these sources and we build and build our belief, our conviction, that we are limited.

One area of limiting beliefs is health. We learn, when we are very young, that there are people who are smart. We decide these smart people have an edge on the rest of us. Because they are so intelligent and because they went to school for a long time and because they are part of a culture we are led to believe "knows," we blindly buy into whatever they tell us. We "program" our self that what they say is undeniably true.

Therefore, when the medical community tells us something, we believe it is true, without questioning. Now, we have television commercials for prescription drugs, for example. These commercials combine our beliefs about the researchers and doctors with the persuasive abilities---the manipulative skills--- of the advertisers and we develop, we program in more convictions of limitation about our health and even more about sickness.

So, we develop beliefs, feelings, about health and sickness. Each of these feelings is a limitation, because each of these feelings say, I can't.

We have built up limiting beliefs in every category of our life, finances, relationships, love, happiness, you name it.

After awhile, we have built up so many, I can'ts, that we believe we are stuck with where ever we are in life and we don't see any way out.

However, there is a way out. The way out is the Release Technique. The reason the Release Technique is the way out of all this limitation is, with the Release Technique, we let go of all the limiting beliefs, thoughts and feelings we have put in going all the way back to when we first put them in. We learn how to Release, to let go of all of our limitation, all of our limitations. We can do it with the Release Technique because we get the tools to locate all of our limiting thoughts and feelings and we learn how to let them go to never limit us again.

That is why any impossible becomes possible. When we apply our simple releasing tools and let go of the "I can'ts" which are the thoughts and feelings blocking us from having anything we would like to have, we move into, I can. I can't blocks our having, being, doing all we would like to have, do, or be. When we learn to release, we let go of the "I can't" and in so doing, we move into I can.

When, on any subject, we let go of the "I can't" thoughts and feelings, we move into I can and we have what we formerly thought we could not have. That is why it is said, any impossible becomes immediately possible when we have released our limiting thoughts and feelings. We let go of the thoughts and feelings that block us, we move into having. It is very simple. If we decide and do it. When we learn the Release Technique tools and we apply those tools, any impossible becomes immediately possible.

Go to www.releasetechnique.com. Decide to do it today, right now. Order the Abundance Course on CDs or sign up for a weekend Abundance Course near where you live. Learn the Release Technique, apply the Release Technique tools and move into the realm of having all you would like to have.

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