Live forgiveness every day rather than just talk about it on Sunday. – Author unknown

Those Sunday talkers…

In addition to practicing forgiveness, a person who practices acceptance, being accountable and emulating love, is authentic.

As a kid and as a young adult I could never figure it out – how a person could go to church on Sunday and talk about their problem, pray about it and turn right around and pick up where they’d left off.

I learned incongruence is something that happens. No right, no wrong, it is what it is.

Perhaps for some, one day a week talking about forgiveness is one
step closer to living it every day – enough seeds planted – one is bound to take root.

I moved from judging the ‘Sunday talkers’ to accepting that we are where we are until we are ready for something different (me included).

Update: Incredible responses to my complimentary 30 minute call. With your calls, it’s my goal to listen to you and offer you clarity and possible options. This past week a common theme unfolded: many were experiencing depression, anger, and rejection which prompted me to include a forgiveness script that works wonders. I encourage you to read it and put it into practice.


Forgiveness is a choice

Many times we hang on to anger and doing so the anger weaves itself (many times silently) into our daily experiences. When this occurs … buttons are pushed. We find out how touchy we are … and it’s known as unfinished business.

Forgiving someone isn’t giving him or her permission to repeat the same behavior. It’s about releasing them from your radar of being wronged and learning to trust you in a way that it won’t occur again. You can’t hang on to old experiences and the emotions that keep you distancing and at the same time being open to experiencing what life has to offer.

Sort of like driving a car with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake …

I remember going to the gym and getting on the treadmill and while a part of me was checked in and alert to what I was doing (walking), another part of me went to a place in my mind and experienced an process developed by Louise Hay.

Here it is with a few of my modifications:

Visualize the person (place or thing) and say: (their name) ________, I forgive you for ________________.”

Sometimes you will have to do this several times for one situation/person. As you feel like you’ve released the feelings that you’ve been holding, look again at the person (in your mind) and say,

“I forgive you for not being the person (place or thing) I wanted you to be. Thank you, I release you, I let you go and I set you free.”

It was profound for me to realize how much anger along with a host of other energy draining emotions that were released and miraculously how much better I felt.

When a person is on a journey of becoming healthy – body, mind and spirit – they forgive themselves also. So now, visualize yourself and what you’re angry at yourself about … make it very real and use the same template:

(Your name), _______________, I forgive you for _____________________. I forgive you for not being the person I wanted you to be. Thank you, I release you, I let you go and I set you free.

Now, imagine your heart being filled with love.

Good job!


Remember forgiveness isn’t about letting the other person off the hook or giving them permission to misbehave again, it’s about you and your health.

Questions for you to ponder: How would your life be if you were to forgive those that you’re upset with? Not ready to? Ok, then what are the benefits of you being angry? What needs to happen for you to forgive? If not now to forgive, then when?

I wish you peace.


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Happy thoughts ... make a great day!

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