Is that really a word, "unmanagement" ?

"Sorry, we have no matches for unmanagement", well I guess if I can't find the definition on the internet it isn't.

But the point of me using the word unmanagement, you can't actually manage time. Do you feel the bolt of lightening? That is correct. You can not manage time! No matter what you do, there is no way to stop time, or slow it down or make it dance. Look at all the trouble that Adam Sandler got into when he tried to control time in the movie "Click".

Seriously though, we really can't control life, the seconds, minutes and hours tick by no matter what we are doing. What we can control, is how we use our time, we control our activities and our environments. There is not much sense in worrying about the things that we can't actually control.

If you are like me and 50% of the people in the world, we have WAY more stuff going on then we can find the time for. Now we have to choose what we spend our time doing.

These is where the tricky part comes... you need to know what your core values are, you know that ones that make you tick, help you make important decisions. Your values also allow you to prioritize how you are going to spend your time.

If your top core value is Family, well then you are going to make spending time with your family the most important priority. So when you are faced with the decision, "do I work late tonight or do I go to my daugther's soccer game?" You will decide to go to the soccer game.

Unmanaging Time is the easiest thing in the world as long as you know what your core values are.

Step 1) What are your core values?

Step 2) Put those values into action!

Step 3) Enjoy your life!

Now some of you may be saying, it is not that easy, you don't understand my life. Those my friend are excuses for not really understanding yourself and what would really make you happy. People are the most content with their lives when they are doing what they want to be doing, when they feel they are in control of their lives. Let me repeat that, people are happy when they are in control of their lives, not when they are letting time control them. We control our lives, by not sitting idly by and not control your actions. Now if we are really luck we are enjoying our lives and loves so much that we don't even notice time go by.

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Lori Smith is a Holistic Life Coach and Small Business Mentor

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