We are here – the end of another year. Time to wrap those presents and be ready for what many people feel is the best holiday of the year - Christmas. But it’s also time to wrap up another year of life as we close out 2008 and head into 2009, a year of choices and partnerships when referencing numerology.

As you think in retrospect upon 2008, what do you see? Was your year one of happiness, joy, abundance, and peace? Or did you experience fear, worry, stress, not enough (lack) and situations you couldn’t control? To the world it was one of chaos, great fear, panic at times, and tremendous losses. But in the midst of all the turmoil and uncertainty, there is one thing that never changes – there is a power greater than any problematic situation which is in control of the world!

This should give great peace to those who understand this truth, but alas, as humans, we forget this truth and stumble around in the darkness of fear. One universal principle that remains truth as well is that wherever we focus our attention, we produce more of the same. You know this as I do, but again, we forget and plummet into the abyss of fear and unhealthy stress. So I thought I’d review of some facts of life – some universal principles – that upon remembering the truth of them can help you decide to create a year of happiness, joy, abundance and peace in 2009. These principles are based in love.

The first thing to remember is that everything is completely and divinely in order. Perhaps you thought the economic chaos was all coincidental and fear is justified in this uncertainty. Not so, for the power that created this world is perfectly orchestrating everything at this very moment. Everything is happening for a reason and in the end there will be great gifts evident. Although we make choices in this life that may be unwise and create unfavorable results, there are always blessings in every situation. Think back in your life of times when it felt as if everything was crumbling around you, but later you realized how beneficial that situation was for your growth, making you stronger. The same is happening in this world right now.

Secondly, even though it may seem as if the financial stability of our country and even the world is in jeopardy, the universe is abundant at all times – there is no lack. You see, every resource you need is right there in front of you, but you have to step into a place of abundance and become resourceful. If you believe our country is falling apart and you slide into the fear mode, well guess what, you will create more fear thoughts and subsequent fear-activated behavior as a result. The only way to create an abundant life is to know you have everything you need and be grateful for it – you are already abundant. That belief will create more of the same! I’ve seen this play out over and over again in my life and the lives of many who have crossed my path. You have to become resourceful. You can do it!

Thirdly, when you feel fearful or worried, surrender those thoughts to God. Many people feel it’s up to them to “fix” a problem when actually the only way it can be fixed easily is by letting go of it. That’s so hard for most people to do because they’ve been programmed to control their life and take care of business their way. Not so, for when you surrender the problems and simply slide out of the driver’s seat, miracles happen. Life is so much easier this way!

The final universal principle that is of utmost importance is to define what you want your life to look like, then align your heart with that desire. This is usually the clincher because first of all, many individuals have never thought about what they want their life to look like. As a spiritual life coach, I can attest to this fact for most of the clients who come to me have never thought of this. The other part is that most people can think a thought, like a vision of something they want, but inside they don’t really believe it will come to them, so it never does! So the heart and mind must be in sync for the manifestation into reality of the desired outcome. And as you define your desired life, be grateful for it all before it shows up. Gratitude is an expression of love and unlocks the door for more good to come to you, including your desires.

There you have it – the way to wrap up the old, discarding what didn’t work and what no longer has value in your life, letting it go, then seeing a different outcome and believing it will come to you.
No matter what is going on in your world, if you keep these principles alive within you and align your heart with them, you will be able to create your desires in the right and perfect timing. Once the doubt surfaces, you have stopped the flow of these desires from reaching you, like a detour. So grab onto faith and hold it tight; never let it go!

As you wrap your gifts this Christmas season, place a lot of love in each one. Then place love in your heart for yourself and begin the new year living these universal principles I reviewed for you. You have an amazing opportunity right now to create an extraordinary 2009, one that lives through the expression of love.

Author's Bio: 

Carolyn Porter, D. Div., is a Spiritual Wholeness & Health Coach, Speaker, Trainer for Speaking, Coaching and Angel Practitioner, Author of 5 books and 2 audios, Co-author of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life Vol I, and owner of Where Miracles Happen Healing Center in Woodstock, GA. Carolyn has dedicated her life to helping individuals step into their own power and accept their brilliance so they can create the life they truly want and deserve. For more information or to view her books, visit DrCarolynPorter.com or WhereMiraclesHappen.com.