I wish everyone would write down their top life tips then we could pass it on for every generation to add to. I am no guru but like everyone else there are certain things I have discovered about myself and this world we live in. Here is my top 30 list.

1. Mother’s aren’t always right
2. But parents can only pass on what they were given
3. Its okay to want more
4. Stuff happens that’s life
5. Sometimes we are never going to why so we have to let go
6. I am never going to be like everyone else so I have to be myself
7. Gossip is the acid rain of relationships
8. If you don’t want it done to you then you shouldn’t do it to others
9. It is true you never know what you have until it is gone
10. No one ever got a porsche through the pearly gates, so it is true you can’t take it with you when you go
11. The things we carry into the next life are those we hold in our hearts
12. Without the journey there is no purpose to the destination
13. Knowledge comes from books wisdom comes from souls
14. Adult eyes have a tendency to make the world small, yet are always looking for the big things, child eyes make the world big and yet are fascinated by the small things. I think I want my child eyes back
15. What you see on the surface is rarely what lies underneath.
16. To touch the stars you must feel the earth beneath your feet
17. The greatest challenge lies in standing naked in our truth
18. You have to believe in the person you are and the person you have yet to become
19. The measure of a man is not what he carries in his wallet but how he carries himself
20. Everything you do and say creates a ripple which will always come back to you in some form
21. Family can be an outstretched hand and a welcoming smile
22. We are all born with a seed of greatness within its just that no one told us we had to nurture it to make it grow
23. Its okay not to be liked by everyone or to like everyone
24. Its okay to leave the dishes in the sink occassionally
25. Love starts with self fill your own cup until it is overflowing then offer it to others
26. Let go of yesterday forget about tomorrow we have only today
27. You don’t need an inner crictic you need a best friend
28. Grace gratitude and faith will always carry you through tough times
29. Living a lie is not living it is running away
30. Travel gently laugh loudly and often and always bring a smile to every encounter

I may not have had the perfect life but at least I have lived it with all of my heart to the depth of my soul with no regrets. I have stood in my truth as difficult and painful as this was it was not as soul destroying as living the lie. As you walk through this life always remember there is never a moment that isn’t meant to be there. Life is a lesson which is never learnt until the last breath.

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