With all the concern over wait times in emergency wards, ill prescribed drugs, health services being unavailable to so many, and the heavy burden of health care to our governments - not to mention the unnecessary suffering - it seems to me that we can't afford to wait any longer to get the alternative message out.
Whew! - Long sentance . . . sorry :o)

I practice EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and continue to be just as astounded as the people I'm working with every time it works its magic. But I know that EFT, like other effective energy therapies out there, has barely begun to scratch the surface of the recognition it both needs, and deserves.

Just imagine what would happen if all people in North America were to open their minds to something other than traditional medicine and book a session or two with an alternative therapist.

If you're reading this, but haven't yet experienced the wonder of energy therapy, be it EFT, Reiki, Reflexology or one of the other energy modalities, my next statement is going either make you laugh and stop reading this article, or give you cause to check into it a little deeper. * I hope the latter is your choice. If you're already a practitioner, well, I don't have to say anything :o)

I firmly believe that if our traditional medical system were to come online with alternative, energy therapy practice, the wait lines at our emergency wards would completely disappear!
The only people in emergency rooms would be the ones brought in with broken bones, deep cuts, or major breakdowns like a heart attack . . . and doctors would have more than enough time to see them all immediately!

It's unlikely we'll convince the medical establishment to accept that there's often a better better way than cutting, burning and poisoning. Big pharma and government keep this pretty much an impossibility. The answer is to reach more people with the knowledge of what they can do for themselves.

But what can we do to get the message out? . . . Here's an idea;

Send an email to fellow energy practitioners in your area inviting them to join you in a mastermind group. Tell them that the purpose of the group is to pool ideas on how to get the message of alternative healing out to more people. Positive results would obviously not just get more people some effective, non-invasive help they don't have access to yet, but it would increase the practitioners business.
Rather than being selective and approaching only those in the modality you practice, invite all local practitioners. The goal of the group should be to let more people know there's a safer answer for many of their health challenges, not just to promote your one methodology.

Can't you just imagine the energy that 2 or 3,000 of these mastermind groups getting together once a month (or whatever)would put out into the universe?

Give it some thought, and, Happy Tapping,
John Jones

Author's Bio: 

I work a full time job doing something entirely non related to the energy therapy field. My real passion however, is practicing, and continually enhancing my delivery of any non invasive healing, including energy therapy.
Five years ago I took the opportunity of a "Stratford Career Institute" course called 'Natural Health Consultant'. Two years later, while cramming for my final exam, a friend called me with information about another, but this time modality specific learning opportunity. It was something called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and I haven't looked back since.
For the last three years, three of us have met weekly, studied, and achieved certificates of study completion on 2 levels. We've also had the joy of putting our knowledge into practice, initially with family and friends, and now with clients (though we're all relatively new in the business end).
At 62 (almost), I'm finding the path I was meant to take. About time . . . don't you think?