Learned life experiences move us forward rather than back. As you grow forward, you become a more rounded individual, and even with ups and downs, good events begin to happen. It’s the things you learn as you move forward that help to shape your future for good. Since I’ve experienced the move from negative to positive, I can share some tips that can help make the change possible.

* Recognize that you are not moving forward. If you’ve found your goals unattainable and you’ve given in to accepting that as your life situation, you need to think again. You may have to reposition your goals for a time or make new goals, but change is a positive move.

* Identify the problem. This may take some honest digging. Where has the hope been lost? What caused the derailment?

* Come to terms with the problem. Identifying the steps needed to make the necessary changes again calls for an honest assessment.

* Realize that you have learned something in the process that will not only help you now but will be a constant asset to you in handling your future. You have given yourself a life skill in self-management.

* Accept this growth, and move through the door you have opened into a new life. This is where you realize that you have taken the stress and tension out of past problems, and you can enjoy life in a new way.

Despite following these tips, you might find yourself asking an interesting question: what if the negative events hadn’t happened? What if I’d married the girl? What if I had gotten the sale? What if I had gotten that house? What if I’d shot the moon and bought that car? Thinking through my life, I have come to see that things happen for a reason. These small negatives turn into a positive—a positive that you would not have experienced if the negatives had not been part of your life. If they had come true, you might have experienced a still bigger negative in expense and concern. It may be a good thing that you did not marry that person, get that sale, or buy that car or house.

One cannot escape everything. If you experience a truly negative circumstance, find a way to release it to the universe. When something affects you personally or wrecks your day or your week, why would you want to hold on to it? So many things can affect you negatively: not getting the date, not getting the sale, not getting the house you want, not getting the job you want, problems at work, waiting for ages in line in a store, or losing the big game. When things of this nature struck me, I would carry the negativity around inside me for days and sometimes weeks. I wasn’t enjoying life at all. I was halfway through my Complementary Health TV Series when I figured out how to release these tensions. It took me a long time to learn to come to terms with the negative, to do my best to consider how to manage the negative, and then to say good-bye to it. I’m a happier person for developing this process. Reducing my stress and tension have led to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

I want to give you one last tip: it is to enjoy your new life and the opportunities it presents. Experiencing your new life to the fullest means being in the moment. Our days bring us these special moments, and we must not let others keep us from experiencing them fully. Enjoying your good moments is essential to keeping the positive in your life.

Planning your day and your work are necessary to be successful, but your planning should not exclude the special moments along the way. Recognize them, and hang on to them. Being in the moment means that you are not missing out on life—and that’s a very positive thing.

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