I am so upset. I’m so upset, I can’t tell you.

Common refrain, isn’t it?

Getting upset. Whoever gave you that idea? Whatever gave you the idea getting upset helps you somehow?

I’ll tell you. You’re a baby. You’re in your crib.

You’re hungry. You can’t talk. You can’t tell those people you’re hungry. How to solve this? Get upset. Get upset and they’ll come running to find out what the trouble is. Seconds later, food. Yes. That works. Something is bothering me, I get upset and everything is suddenly better.
You aren’t a baby anymore. You’re using the same thing you decided in the crib. Only now it doesn’t help you. It gets you more and more angry, more and more frustrated, more and more annoyed, more and more of whatever negative feeling you’re having. Admit it. It’s just like when you were in that crib. You have a situation. You don’t know how to resolve it. It threatens you somehow. You get fearful. You get mad. You get upset. You start yelling at anyone within earshot.

You know what getting upset does for you? It makes you more and more upset. That’s called stress. So getting upset gives you stress. It gives you an excuse to have a couple of martinis. That doesn’t work either. What you’re upset about is still there tomorrow. Well, then pop an anti depressant. Now, you’re not upset. You still didn’t solve anything and if you ever decide not to take those pills whatever got you upset will still be there. You say, “No, it won’t.” “I quit the job.” ‘I divorced the spouse.”

Sorry, if you ever decide to get off those pills the same thing is going to be there. The problem is not out there. The problem isn’t the boss, or the spouse or the child you can’t control. The problem is in YOU. You made a decision as a baby to respond with negative emotions. You’re still doing it.
When, at last, you decide negative emotions do not do one positive thing for you, only then will you move in the direction of getting rid of the misery. Getting rid of it, not just covering it over with some fix. “Well, I’m depressed.” Sure you are. You’re depressed because you have pushed all of those negative feelings down inside of you. You have collected them. You haven’t known what to do with the feelings you don’t like so you’ve collected them. That’s stress. That’s depression.
Make a decision. “What I’ve done up to now has not helped me. The same troubles and problems keep popping up. What I’ve done up to now has done nothing but make me sick and miserable. It’s given me headaches and stomachaches. It makes me unhappy.”

Make a decision. “Reacting like a baby does not help me. It just makes things worse.”

Make a decision. To have something different you have to do something different.
Getting upset and all the feelings that cascade from getting upset are negative. Negative collects negative. Going negative is getting more and more negative. Called suffering. That’s what it’s called.

You do not need to suffer. You do not need to have stomachaches and headaches run your life. Make a decision.

Whatever happens, whatever anyone says, decide, I am going to be positive in spite of whatever is happening or whatever anyone is saying or doing.

Make a decision to be positive in spite of what’s going on. Your mind is telling you all kinds of things right now. Such as, “That won’t work.” Such as, “I don’t know how to do it.” Such as, “This is baloney.”

Are you going to keep listening to that mind? It’s the same mind that has told you to beat yourself up all your life. It’s the same mind that tells you to get upset even though it doesn’t help you.

Tell that mind to take a walk and get lost, you don’t need its advice anymore.

Make a decision. You see yourself getting upset, angry, frustrated. Just stop it. End it. Drop it. Don’t let it get further than your nose. Stop it. Stop going negative. Decide. I am going to be positive in spite of what is going on. When you decide to get positive, you are going positive. Positive is the place where all the good things come from. Positive is the same energy as love, happiness, peace, abundance and health.

Try it. What you’ve been doing hasn’t worked for you so far, has it? To have something different, do something different. It’s a decision. Life is a decision. I’m going to be positive. I’m going to be negative. It’s setting your sails. Your life depends on the direction you decide to go.
Be positive in spite of whatever happens.

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